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As a wee lad, I always thought of betas as things that gave me free access to games, usually of the MMO sort, and I would get so excited every time I got into a new one. Now that I’m a crotchety old man who hates when stuff doesn’t work the way it should, I look at betas from the other side of things, as something invaluable in shaping new software. Chances are a lot of the people who visit MEGATech News realize the importance of software testing and those people will be happy to know that there have now been over one million people testing Windows 10.

Windows 10 isn’t actually in beta, but rather a “technical preview,” but the 200,000 “pieces of user-initiated feedback” are invaluable just the same. It’s still pretty boggling that Microsoft skipped nine and went straight to ten with its operating system, but hopefully they’re doing it right and Windows 10 can meet the critical praise of Windows 7.

Of course, one million people isn’t very much, but it’s a milestone, not a goal. Expect to see that number rise quite dramatically in the very near future. It shouldn’t be long before Microsoft announces millions of Windows 10 testers and that’s when the real feedback will start.

via Tech Crunch

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