Will Microsoft Release a Subscription-Based Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle?

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The media streaming wars are still raging and it looks like Microsoft might be making a big push as the company reportedly prepares to launch a subscription-based Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle that could feature additional streaming content. The bundle will be priced at $99 with a two-year commitment, during which users will pay a $15 monthly fee. This will include Xbox Live Gold, which is already $10 per month if paid on a month-to-month basis.

Microsoft is supposedly looking to do direct battle with Apply TV, Roku, and its old rival PlayStation 3. I don't doubt that they can hold their own in the home entertainment market, but I'm not sure how well this subscription bundle will do. You can buy a brand new console with Kinect for roughly $260, which is $200 less than you'll pay after the contracted two years with the new bundle. We'll have to wait for all the details to make any actual judgments, assuming this all turns out to be true.

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    Well, if you consider that two 12-month Xbox Live Gold memberships will cost you $120 already, you're looking at a "real" net price of $340. Still more than regular retail if you buy a new console + Kinect outright, though. Maybe they're including some other extras, like bonus memberships to other streaming services?

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