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It is entirely possible that I just died and went to heaven. A machine made of LEGO that makes LEGOs? I may never have to leave the house again! Well...I'll have to leave the house to get one. These are free, but you can only get one if you take the LEGO factory tour in Denmark (which is not free, by the way). Like taking a tour of the LEGO factory would be a hardship for me. Just have to figure out how to swing the airfare, and I'll be off!

The set contains 795 pieces (but no minifigs), a sticker set, and two sets of instructions. It is marked for ages ten and older, but I'm thinking it would greatly depend on your ten-year-old if you'd want a kid that young to be playing with injection molding. The molding machine is an almost exact replica of the one you'll see on the tour, with great attention to detail. You can also build the original 1949 hand-crank molding machine with this kit.

I really, really want one. Especially since each one is marked with what number it is in the production run...of 68. Nothing like a little exclusivity to make me drool over a new toy.

Source: Red Ferret