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One of the things kids (and adults) love to do in the summer is travel to the water park so they can play on the slide and keep cool all at the same time. But that requires a number of things that most of us just don't want to deal with, like having to pile into the car to get there, parking, having to pay to get in, waiting in what can seem like endlessly long lines before you can get on the ride...and don't forget about being surrounded by thousands of other people. What if you could have a water slide right in your back yard? You'd be the hero of the neighbourhood! Granted, you have to have something of a sizable yard in order to have one of these, but you really didn't want to have a garden this year anyway, right?

The Inflatable Backyard Log Flume looks like it could be all sorts of fun, both for the kids and the grownups. When it's fully inflated it measures 21? L x 5? 8? W x 9? H, and deflated it compresses down to 32 1/4? L x 17? W x 17? H, weighing just 55 pounds. It pumps up in just two minutes using the included AC air blower, so it's almost instant watery gratification. You just need a single garden hose attached to the Flume, and you get side-by-side chutes each with its own sprinkler. At the bottom is a one-foot-deep pool for a safe, splashy landing.

The flume will support up to 200 pounds, and is made of 840- and 420-denier PVC-coated fabric. It is held in place by six stakes, and an additional four stakes secure the blower and air hose. Recommended ages are just 5-12 years old, but seriously...could you really have one of these in your back yard and NOT play on it? I didn't think so.

Here's the catch: This thing is going to cost you just under $600.00 US. But if you're an enterprising type of person, I bet you could charge the neighbourhood kids a small fee to use it (say, ten bucks a day), and get your money back by the end of summer.

Source: Geek Alerts