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Could it really be happening? Is the US finally catching up to the rest of the world in terms of Internet speed? Google Fiber is parading their 1Gbps service around the country, smaller companies are popping up to challenge them, and now Verizon has thrown their hat into the mix with some impressive numbers.

In areas where FiOS is available, Verizon is offering a 500Mbps down/100Mbps up service tier. According to their stats, if you can pull down the promised speeds, you can grab a 2-hour HD movie in 1.4 minutes and upload the same movie in 6.9 minutes.

The FiOS Quantum tier isn't cheap, costing $310 a month for double play and $330 for triple play (different bundles). The standalone Internet service is only available to business, not consumers. Verizon hopes to roll out this new service to all FiOS markets by next year.

via Gizmodo