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When I was younger, the worst thing I could imagine losing was my keys. I never did, but I had several friends who did, and it was a nightmare. Then along came phones, and GPS units, and laptops, and cameras and all manner of other gadgets that people tend to set down somewhere and forget, and the nightmare got worse. I cannot tell you how many times a week I lose my phone somewhere in my house. Often I find it on my dresser, or stuck between the cushion and the side of my chair, but sometimes I have to resort to calling it to see where the heck it is.

UGrokIt uses RFID technology to tag your devices so in theory it makes them harder to lose. Never underestimate the power of misplacing, however, at least in my experience. It can't hurt, though, and I'm pretty sure it would help. The planned system includes an RFID scanner, which connects to a smart phone (see, here's the drawback to it for me...you need to have your phone), along with RFID tags that can be attached to your gadgets. The tags are machine washable and can be attached or stuck to just about anything you'd rather not lose.

The tags will be pretty cheap, only about $1.00 US each, but the entire system will run you about $159.00 US. A release date has yet to be announced, but keep an eye out...it'll be along soon enough.

Source: SlashGear