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The more devices you have, the more outlets you need to charge them. If you're anything like me, you have a few charging cords that you leave constantly plugged in because it's easier even though you have to sacrifice an outlet and waste a bit of energy through power leakage when they're not in use. There is currently an Indiegogo project that aims to change all that, and it looks very much like it's going to become a reality.

Meet thingCHARGER. In the picture above, you can see an empty outlet and one with a couple of thingCHARGERs attached. If it wasn't for the labels, you'd be hard pressed to tell them apart. Because thingCHARGER plugs in over an existing outlet, leaving it open for use with things other than your device charging cords. It features top-mounted charging tips that are stored inside so you can charge virtually any device you might own without having a bunch of cords hanging out getting tangled and in your way. However, should the need arise, there are also two USB ports on the bottom side that can be used with whatever cords you own.

Here's a really neat thing: You can use more than one thingCHARGER at a time. So if you've got three devices that need charging at once (and provided said devices are thinner than thingCHARGER), you just stack them up and stick them on the charging tips. Which still leaves your outlets available for other stuff you might want to plug in. Also, only the two original outlets are always on, just as they would be without thingCHARGER. The charging tips and USB ports are only on if you turn them on with the side-mounted power button. No more power leakage when your devices aren't plugged in!

Obviously I'm not the only one who thinks this is a pretty darn fine idea...thingCHARGER has exceeded their $25,000 funding goal by more than $200,000. But you can still get in if you want, no worries. For a minimum bid of $29.00 US you'll receive one thingCHARGER, but they're also offering combination packs for pledges of higher dollar amounts. The funding campaign ends on December 13 at 11:59 PM Pacific.

Source: Gizmag