The Xbox 360 Elite Turns to the Darkside

Microsoft has decided to mix things up a little in the console wars.  Coming very soon will be the new Xbox 360 Elite.  The Elite comes clad with a new black paint job from system to controller to headset. The Elite will also include an HDMI connection for HD connectivity and will sport a new 120 GB hard drive which is 100 GB larger than the hard drive currently in the Xbox 360 Premium.  It will also run cooler than the current Xbox 360’s but it is not known if this is due to a new 65nm CPU or some new cooling wizardry inside.

The Elite will be available for approximately $479 which is $80 over the Xbox 360 Premium.  Not bad for all the upgrades.  It will also be available in limited quantity during initial release but I doubt the response will as crazy as it was for the PS3 or a Wii Launch.

Source: Engadget

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