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Thermaltake is one of the true pioneers to alternative cooling methods. They were one of the first companies to offer a self-contained closed loop liquid cooling solution in the past and now they return to their roots with an update to a classic. This year, Thermaltake releases the Bigwater 760 Pro.

While most coolers in this market are designed to be mount over fan vents or externally, the Bigwater is an all-in-one solution that fits into your 5.25" bays. This ensures compatibility with any case that has two 5.25" bays to spare. This prevents issues with radiator obstructions, non-standard fan vent designs, and cramped case ceilings.

The Thermaltake Bigwater 720 Pro comes with everything you need for liquid cooling such as a pump (P500), tubing, copper water block, 120 mm radiator, 120 mm blue LED fan (1600 to 2400 RPM), built in fan controller, and external window to monitor coolant levels. What more could you ask for?


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Thermaltake Bigwater 760 Pro —New Advanced 2U Drive Bay CPU Liquid Cooling System

January, 18, 2013 –In general, the components inside PC do heat. The standard heat-sink and fan combo is usually sufficient for the users in average; however, when the PC has been pushed harder, they will run hotter, or even overclocker’s PC might achieve the bleeding edge. In order to build a liquid-cooling system for PC to ensure that all precious components do not burn out, Thermaltake, the pioneer brand for the liquid-cooling system launching a new highlight with a new model series while continuing a tradition that has repeatedly met with great enthusiasm throughout the history of the Bigwater Series – “The Bigwater 760 Pro”, a new breakthrough for CPU liquid cooling system emphasized on its superior performance and more advanced cooling technology.

The easy installation and space-saving design of Thermaltake Liquid Cooling Systems are constantly please the liquid cooling users. Big Water 760 Pro, the new Dual drive bay design, not only saves space but also with room management in the case. All new designed aluminum fan radiator delivers better performance than the predecessors. Controllable low noise and high performance 12CM blue LED fan (fan speed between 1600 to 2400 RPM) with a front control VR knob to adjust fan speed conveniently; Ultra quiet P500 pump pushes 500L/H of water to improve the overall cooling efficiency and performance level; water reservoir contains large capacity of liquid, along with the clear liquid level indicator display provides much easier liquid level and limited refill line reading for users. These technologies are all strategically positioned inside the drive bay unit to achieve maximum performance and extreme space-saving at the same time.

In addition, metallic mirror coating copper base water blocker makes better connection to CPU with stronger thermal performance and enhances heat transfer and liquid circulation efficiency. The UV sensitive water tube made by special material, can prevent wear and tear from being clogged up or over bending. Bigwater 760 Pro even allows users to extend cooling heat sources to maximize the entire cooling system, such as CPU, GPU and Memory.

Innovative technology, sophisticated design and outstanding durability of Bigwater 760 Pro make Thermaltake products the world’s most desirable and value-retaining trend. For more details click here.

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