The News: Friday, January 11 CES 2013 Edition

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And they're off! I knew this would happen eventually, where the CES coverage was coming so fast and furious I barely have time to skim over them, and certainly there is enough that I can't keep doling it out piecemeal. So here's a whopping big dose of all the CES goodness you can hope to handle in one sitting. Enjoy!

Legit Reviews - ASUS E2KM1I-Deluxe, ARES II Graphics Card, & RAIDR Express PCIe SSD
CES 2013: Intel Says Haswell CPUs Offer Huge Power Savings and Better Graphics
CES 2013: ThermalTake Chaser Cases, Water 3.0, BlackX 5G Snow & More!
CES 2013: Corsair Unveils Obsidian 900D, Raptor Gaming Peripherals & More!
AMD Kabini and Temash APUs Shown Off At CES 2013

TechRadar - Huawei Ascend Mate
Lenovo Thinkpad Helix
Fuji X100S
Panasonic FT5

HotHardware - AMD Demos Next Gen APUs, Partners with Vizio, HP, ASUS at CES 2013
NVIDIA Project SHIELD Hands On Video Demo from CES 2013
Intel Demos Haswell GT-3 Graphics and Clover Trail Power Consumption at CES
Razer Unleashes Razer Edge Gaming PC/Tablet/Console, We Go Hands On at CES 2013
Hands-on with MSI's Slider S20 Ultrabook Convertible
Gigabyte Touts Tablets, Notebooks and All-in-Ones At CES 2013

ThinkComputers - CES 2013: be quiet!
CES 2013: Logitech
CES 2013: NVIDIA Automotive
CES 2013: Corsair
CES 2013: Tt eSPORTS
CES 2013: OCZ

The Tech Report - Ivy Bridge, 8000-series Radeons team up in new Samsung notebooks
IR sensors, Xbox-style buttons infiltrate Thermaltake mice
Obsidian 900D 'Godzilla' rounds out Corsair case family
Corsair adds all-mechanical keyboard, new mice
Asus shows super-wide, 144Hz displays
Lenovo all-in-one doubles as tabletop PC

BCC Hardware - MSI Coverage, ASUStor Coverage
NVIDIA Shield Demo
CES 2013 Gallery

NinjaLane - CES Dialog Day 1 - The Calm Before The Storm
CES Dialog 2013 - Day 2 The First Official Day

TechwareLabs - TechwareLabs CES 2013 Coverage: Trendnet
TechwareLabs CES 2013 Coverage: MVB Digital Media Copier
TechwareLabs CES 2013 Coverage: I’m Watch
TechwareLabs CES 2013 Coverage: Eagle Tech

Hardware Canucks - Richland, Kaveri, Kabini & Temash; AMD’s 2013 APU Lineup Examined

If that's not enough to keep you busy for a while, I don't think anything can!


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