The Galaxy S3 to be Unveiled May 3rd in London

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For Galaxy fans, the wait is coming to a close, as it has been officially announced that the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event will host the official unveiling of the newest Galaxy phone, where it will presumably find its way to 02 UK shortly thereafter, 02 UK of course being part of Telefonica Europe. The event will be held May 3 in London, where we'll get all the details, which plenty of Galaxy fans have been chomping at the bit over for months.

The phone may or may not be called the Samsung Galaxy S3. The successor to the Samsung Galaxy S II, the Galaxy S3 is rumored to use a new "paper display," which will allow it to be bent and curved. This is a pretty amazing technology and if Samsung is looking to shake the Galaxy naming series, this might be the place to focus. Might I suggest the Samsung Flex? You're welcome everyone.

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