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By now, we've all seen umpteen varieties of touchscreen gloves. I look back on how fascinated I was by them just a year ago and wonder exactly why...although being able to answer my phone while keeping my gloves on has been priceless. Now we're starting to see some unique designs, and as we know from my flash drive obsession, that's a trend right up my alley.

These gloves offer skeleton hands screen-printed on the backs. Only the fingertips are conductive for use with touchscreens, but it appears that every finger has the silver threads embedded in them, which makes these not only neater but much more versatile than most other styles. You can choose between standard white bones or pink, both on black gloves. The fingertips are white regardless of which colour of bones you choose.

Here's where they grab my attention for a practical reason...they measure about 18 cm from fingertip to cuff, which makes them long enough to stay inside the cuffs of your jacket while you're wearing them. I truly hate when my wrists get cold. These aren't the heaviest gloves you can get (not even in touchscreen gloves), so they won't be good for long exposure to outside. But they'll easily work for most short-term phone use. Each pair costs 116 Yuan (approximately $19.00 US).

Source: GizmoDiva