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Telltale Games's adaptation of The Walking Dead was met with overwhelming praise when it debuted a couple years back and it deserved every bit of it. The story of Lee Everett and Clementine hit harder and dug deeper than the vast majority of videogame narratives and the seeds sowed by that first season continues to have an effect on the current, second season.

For those who still haven't gotten around to playing it, you now have even even fewer excuses, as the first season is now available through the Google Play store, with the first episode being absolutely free. Of course, be sure that your Android-powered device is powerful enough to run the game.

I had the pleasure of reviewing the first episode of The Walking Dead when it was released almost two years ago and I'm happy to say the game has gotten even better as it's progressed. Stop wasting time and check out one of the best adventure games to come out in some time.

via Slash Gear