It’s not exactly a secret that if you’re unhappy with the service, food, or facilities at a restaurant you should ask to speak with a manager about it. Some people seem to almost make a career out of it, getting free meals or discount coupons almost every time they eat out. Most of us, however, rarely bother. For many of us, it’s because we hate a face-to-face confrontation about anything (something I don’t actually understand, but then I’ve always been incredibly outspoken). There is now an SMS service that will allow you to voice your complaints and concerns (or compliments, don’t forget about those) directly to the manager without having to actually talk to him or her.

TalkToTheManager is a subscription app service that assigns each restaurant a unique number, which patrons can then use to send a text message. The message goes directly to the manager on duty as well as the restaurant’s owner. The service is supposed to be anonymous, although it does give the manager the option to respond to each text if appropriate. Included with the service are free signs and stickers to be displayed prominently throughout the restaurant, giving patrons ample opportunity to contact management without even having to get up from their seats. Perfect for the lazy among us, as well!

I guess I can see the use for this, but because of how my mind works I can also see the downside entirely too clearly. I would have to imagine a restaurant will opt to not use this service if it’s known as the place to go after the bars close, for instance. I also think this would be a godsend for those folks who choose to hide behind their keyboards and take on the world, since just like on the internet they will remain anonymous. Although since a response can be sent, I would imagine any messages that get too out of hand could be reported, and traced back to their owners if necessary.

The idea here is that instead of leaving a negative review on websites like Yelp or Urbanspoon, your concerns will be addressed immediately. The hope then is that your possible negative review will turn into an even more positive one. The service allows for 500 text messages per month, with each additional message costing just $0.015 US. Cost is just $15.00 US per month for each establishment you sign up.

Source: Gizmodo

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