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MEGATech Reviews - SteelSeries H Wireless Gaming Headset


There are two really big trends that we're seeing in the general world of consumer electronics. First, we've gotten into the habit of cutting every cable we can. You've got wireless mice, wireless charging, and wireless printers, as well as the ability to wirelessly stream a video from your smartphone …

The Simple Way to Ensure Your Home's Security


There's something to be said about going wireless for just about everything. I rarely ever connect my smartphone to my computer anymore, because I don't need that cabled connection in order to synchronize my calendar, contacts and messages. That's all done over the air. And I love how the Sonos

Verizon's Battle to Invade Canada


Verizon is looking to make their way (back) into Canada, and Canadian mobile phone companies are none too happy about it. In an attempt to keep the telecom giant out of the Great White North, they're painting Verizon as a bogeyman of sorts in hopes of stirring up public outcry.…