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The News: Sunday, April 6 Edition


It's my birthday week! Of course, I'm me, so I'm having my party two days before the actual day, and the way things worked out I have zero plans on my birthday. Which is fine...I'm really entirely too old to act like a kid about it anyway. My cake this …

The News: Sunday, March 23 Edition


Thankfully, this week is over. I came home from my niece's house and promptly developed a horrendous head cold that is still hanging on. Thursday was my mom's 78th birthday, and yesterday was my grand-nephew's 7th birthday. The big exciting thing, though, was yesterday my PayPal Here card reader came …

The News: Sunday, March 16 Edition


Another week goes by, and we meet again. One thing I enjoy is cheesy horror movies. Typically I go through any given movie streaming service's list and anything that gets rated two stars or less makes my list. We've been watching some pretty special ones lately, though...sometimes we've won, sometimes …

The News: Sunday, February 9 Edition


Friday I saw the LEGO Movie! We went to the 3D version, and it was fabulous! In fact, everything was awesome! You'll get that if you've seen it. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend going immediately. I don't know that I would bother taking the kids, but it's …

MEGATech Showcase: Celebrating the 4th of July The Geek Way


Tomorrow is the 4th of July, otherwise known in America as Independence Day. Remember that movie where Will Smith welcomed aliens to "Erf" and then Jeff Goldblum gave them a cold, but not before Bill Pullman made an awesome speech? It's that day.

There's also something about celebrating our breaking …