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Motorola Releases the Moto E, Coming to Canada Soon


Motorola released the new Moto E today in 40 countries across the globe. At only $149 off-contract, it's intended to be an entry-level phone for those looking to test the smartphone waters without breaking the bank.

Smartphone technology has reached a point where even a budget model features a 1.2 …

HTC One M9 Videos Leaked Days Before Reveal


So close, HTC! We're just a few days away from the official unveiling of the HTC One M9, but unfortunately (for HTC) they've been beaten to the punch by three leaked videos - undoubtedly theirs - that appeared on YouTube today. They leave little to the imagination in regards to …

Check Out the Samsung Galaxy S6


We have less than a week until the Galaxy S6 is unofficially unveiled by Samsung, and on Sunday we'll know everything there is to know, but let's be honest - none of us like waiting. Fortunately, T-Mobile has brought us an early look at the phone, courtesy of the Twitter

Charge Twice as Fast With ChargeTech


Smartphone batteries have come a long way as far as how long they last, but you still have to charge them regularly. Normally, I'm sure most of us just plug them in when we go to bed and they're fully charged come morning. But all of us at some point …

Samsung GALAXY Note Edge Coming to Canada


Modern health science says that multi-tasking could be doing permanent damage to your brain, but come on science, this is 2015 and we need to get things done. Fortunately there are phones like the GALAXY Note Edge that excel in multitasking, and now Samsung Canada is brining the phone to …

LG G3 Available at Fido in Canada


I've got good news for all the Canadian guys, gals, and everybody in between. The LG G3, which launched in Canada on August 1st of last year, is now available through the Toronto-based Fido, Canada's fourth-largest wireless service provider.

The LG G3 is equipped with a 5.5-inch screen that sports …