SuperTalent Releases A New Bling Bling Gold USB Drive

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The other day, SuperTalent went all luxury on us with the release of their new Luxio USB Flash Drives sporting up to 64GB's of luxurious storage. Well, the folks at SuperT have decided to one up themselves once again with a bling bling gold plated version of their tiny Pico-C USB Drive.

Unlike the original Pico-C, which was merely gold plated, the new Limited Edition PIco-C drive has a casing that is actually made of solid 18-carat gold and comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity. Unfortunatley, it's still only 8GB's so you aren't gaining any performance benefits. However, you can say that your USB drive is made of gold though.

Expect to see this drive available for around $599 US if you want to pre-order it. I don't think we'll be seeing these in stock anytime soon. Included in that price is laser etching of anything you want at no charge, a black velvet jewelry box so you'll end up never using it, and a matching 18-carat gold keychain, which you will also never take out of the house.

For more information on this product, head on over to the SuperTalent Website. I'm expecting to see a diamond encrusted drive of some sorts next week. More pictures after the jump.


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