Its full steam ahead as digital-download platform Steam now boasts 65 million active accounts, which is 30 percent rise over last year and beats out Xbox Lives 48 million accounts by a good margin. Sony, on the other hand, claims to have 110 million users on the PlayStation Network. Of course, comparing Sony and Microsofts online services to Steam is something of apples to oranges.

Steam sees more than 6 million concurrent users at its peak everyday, of which half a million are playing Dota 2, the free-to-play battle arena sequel to Defense of the Ancients. I should probably check that game out.

Things are looking pretty swell for Valve, who just announced a new operating system, game controller, and a line of gaming computers known as Steam Machines. Now their digital platform is seeing record numbers in its tenth year of existence.

And yet despite all this, we will never stop asking about Half-Life 3.

Via The Verge

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