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If you are one of those people who keeps bird feeders in an effort to beautify your surroundings with the colours and songs of nature, then you are familiar with the major drawback of doing so. I'm not talking about the mounds of bird seed, cracked corn and sunflower seeds that end up underneath said feeders, but the fact that squirrels cannot resist an easy meal from a feeder. There are at least as many types of gadgets to prevent squirrels from accessing your bird seed as there are styles of bird feeders, but it seems like the little furry guys are usually smarter than anything a mere human could invent to thwart their efforts.

Not any more. Meet the Squirrel Boss bird feeder. This looks like any other feeder, but it's got an added feature you won't find anywhere else. When you press the button on the included remote control, it zaps the squirrel stealing your seed so it falls off. The idea here is that if the squirrels get zapped enough times, they'll stop bothering. Of course, until such a time as they do learn, you get to sit in the comfort of your home pressing the button every time they climb aboard. My sick and twisted sense of humour means I hope it works exactly like the video, because I cannot stop giggling every time a squirrel gets zapped and leaps off. Check this out.

OK, so I should point out that the Squirrel Boss doesn't actually electrocute them. Instead, if gives off a static shock much like what happens if you walk across thick carpet in your socks and then touch something metal. Sure, it stings (sometimes a lot), but it doesn't actually injure or cause any lasting damage. The feeding stations are stainless steel to ensure proper conductivity of the static electricity. The drawback here is that it will only shock squirrels if someone presses the button, so unless you have time to sit by the window monitoring your feeders, it may or may not train them to stay away. Of course, until such time as they learn, you get the pleasure of watching them jump when you are there to press it.

Each unit comes with a feed tube, stainless steel feeding station, A/C charger, remote control, batteries, and a holder for the remote control. Cost on these is about $75.00 US. I'll probably just keep watching the video and giggling at squirrels, since I don't so much do bird feeders. But I might pick one up for my sister.

Source: The Gadgeteer