Remember the totally awesome Sony PlayStation Vita TV that was unveiled a few days ago? Remember how it was going to be totally incredible, not only handling popular streaming video services, but also giving us the ability to play Vita games, PSN titles and more? Remember how excited I was about this little white box?

Well, all of those hopes have now been temporarily dashed to pieces.

Sony Computer Entertainment President and CEO Andrew House has officially stated in an interview that the PS Vita TV is currently only being targeted in Asian markets. That would include places like Japan, unsurprisingly, as well as China and South Korea. At this time, Sony has no plans to bring the Vita TV over to North America or to Europe. That could change in the future, of course, but we’re left out in the cold for now.

The online masses have a lot of power these days — just look at how it got Microsoft to completely change their Xbox One hand — so if the Sony-adoring public in the United States and other regions are vocal enough about wanting the Vita TV, Sony will surely change its tune too. I know I want one.

Via Kotaku

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