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Remember earlier this month when impatient investors hungrily bought up stock in Tweeter Home Entertainment, a bankrupt consumer electronics retailers that used the stock ticker TWTRQ, which people mistook for Twitter? That was pretty funny.

Twitterís actual IPO is getting close now and details about their stock offering are becoming available. The company will be selling off 70 million shares with a price somewhere between $17 and $20 a pop.

If the underwriters donít pick up their option, thatíll be another 10.5 million shares available for purchase. If the 70 million shares go for $20, thatís $1.4 billion for Twitter. That number will rise to a little over $1.6 billion if those shares are purchased.

Thereís still no specific date for when Twitter is hitting the market, but with all of this information out, it canít be long.

via The Verge