Do you remember when we went over to the Securifi offices in Taipei to check out the new (at the time) Almond+ wireless router? Remember how we said it made connectivity and control so much easier thanks to its built-in color touchscreen display? Well, Securifi has been busy keeping a good thing going and at CES 2016 in Las Vegas this week, they unveiled the Almond 3, the smartest of their smart routers to date.

The primary appeal of the Securifi Almond 3 remains much the same as its predecessors: it’s really easy to setup and use. The color touchscreen display is still there, allowing you to set the SSID and muddle around with the rest of the settings. Where the Almond 3 sets itself apart is with three key features.

First, it’s meant to integrate with your existing smart home products. It’s compatible with your Internet of Things stuff that’s powered by ZigBee, Z-Wave or Bluetooth, allowing you to replace the hubs that you may need to use otherwise. It’ll control Nest devices too, which is pretty handy.

Second, they’ve made it as easy as possible to set up a mesh network when you have several of these routers throughout your home (or office, I suppose). That’s really handy for when you want to have better connectivity in the garage or in other areas of your home where your primary router couldn’t normally reach.

And third, there’s a built-in siren feature you can program so that your smart home products can trigger the alarm on your Almond 3. Maybe you have it so that if a motion sensor is triggered, your Almond 3 will go nuts. You can also set it so that the alarm is disabled or disarmed if you have an authorized smartphone connected to it.

Expect the Securifi Almond 3 to start shipping “in the coming months” for a retail price of $120.

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