You may have noticed in the last couple of years that great smartphones are getting pretty cheap and cheap smartphones are getting pretty great. We may not be quite there yet with tablets, but Samsung is certainly trying to accommodate families with more modest budgets. Available now in Canada are the new Galaxy Tab E Lite and Galaxy Tab A 7, a pair of affordable tablets with family-friendly features.

The Galaxy Tab S series is gorgeous and thin and powerful, but it’s also prohibitively expensive for some people. The new $149 Tab E Lite and $199 Tab A 7, on the other hand, may be more amenable to folks who want a tablet without breaking the bank. As their names indicate, both of these are 7-inch tablets. The cheaper option is just 1024 x 600, unfortunately, whereas the Tab A 7 gets a 1280 x 800 pixel display.

For my part, I’m always a little worried about handing off my tablet or smartphone to my kid, because I don’t want her updating my Facebooks and Instagrams. That’s why it’s good to see that these new tabs from Samsung feature a multi-user mode for up to eight unique user profiles, plus a safer and more secure kids mode (up to 6 kids’ profiles). You can lock out apps, set time limits, and so on.

Along with options like the ZTE Grand X View with LTE from Bell, the Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite and the Galaxy Tab A 7 are making it easier for families to have a cheap tablet to throw around the house. The press release, including the full spec sheet, can be found below.

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Designed for the Modern Family: Samsung Canada Introduces the Galaxy Tab E Lite and Galaxy Tab A 7

MISSISSAUGA, ON, March 29, 2016 – Samsung Electronics Canada, one of the leading suppliers of mobile technology in Canada, announced today the Canadian availability of the Galaxy Tab E Lite and Galaxy Tab A 7. Designed to offer the ultimate family-sharing experience, both tablets offer a child-friendly interface, endless entertainment options and multi-tasking functionality, maximizing productivity while keeping everyone in the family connected to what matters most.

“The modern family utilizes technology throughout the home to stay connected to friends, family and enhance their overall mobile experience,” said Paul Brannen, Executive Vice President Mobile Solutions, Samsung Electronics Canada. “The Samsung Galaxy E Lite and Galaxy Tab A 7 tablets are designed to provide better portability, versatility and productivity, making them go-to tablets for all Canadian families.”

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite and Galaxy Tab A 7

Samsung’s latest 7-inch tablet innovations provide affordable and easy-to use features for reading, watching videos or doing work and are ideal for families seeking:

  • Versatile device options for the entire family: The Multi User Mode enables families to create up to eight unique user profiles with their own music, games, apps and photos. While sharing one device, everyone can keep everything organized and ensure personal information stays personal.
  • Multi-tasking ease: Maximize time and productivity by working on two apps at the same time. Effortlessly watch movies, check email, shop online and chat with friends on a single screen.
  • Safer and more secure Kids Mode: Enabling Kids Mode allows for up to six kids’ profiles, blocks unsuitable apps, sets time limits and provides a wide range of fun and educational content giving kids access to a safer and more appropriate world of colour and fun.
  • Ultimate value and affordability: Available for under $200, these high-performance multi-purpose tablets can be used for working, storing and viewing content.

Each tablet also offers unique features giving on-the-go users options to best meet their needs. With up to 32 GB of micro SD card storage, The Galaxy Tab E Lite enables users to take their favourite content wherever they go, turning their tablet into a mobile entertainment centre. The Galaxy Tab A 7 is thinner, lighter and features a non-slip back, making it easy to hold and secure for better portability. The device also features a 5 MP camera, making it a great tool for capturing family memories.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite and Galaxy Tab A 7 Availability

The Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite and the Galaxy Tab A 7 will be available as of March 23rd at Samsung Experience Stores and retailers across the country. The 7-inch Galaxy Tab E Lite will be available in white and will retail for $149.99 (MSRP). The 7-inch Galaxy Tab A will be offered in black and white and retail for $199.99 (MSRP).

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Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite and Galaxy Tab A 7 Product Specification


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