It’s not going to be a surprise to anyone that the Samsung Galaxy S6 is likely going to be announced and released this year. We’ve already looked at some of the leaked specs, we’ve considered the rumors of dual cameras and we’ve explored the likelihood of a Galaxy S6 Edge. The latest report to pop up about Samsung’s upcoming flagship has the Galaxy S6 finally bringing wireless charging into the mix.

When we met with Samsung Canada last year, I asked why they hadn’t yet included Qi charging as a native feature on their smartphones yet. I asked why they were selling the Qi-compatible charging backs as an option and the blunt answer was that of cost. I wasn’t convinced, since the Nexus 5–which sells for half the price as a flagship unlocked and unsubsidized Samsung–comes with Qi already. Well, I guess Samsung is finally ready to bite the bullet and give us wireless charging in the Galaxy S6.

This introduces a related problem, however. Many people had hoped that the Galaxy S6 would make the leap to a more premium design, boasting a full metal unibody. However, in order for a wireless charging solution like Qi to work, you can’t have a metal back. It interferes with how the system works. To compensate for this, we’re hearing that the Galaxy S6 will get a metal frame, like the Galaxy Alpha, but it could have a glass back, like the Sony Xperia Z series of smartphones.

Alternatively, it could have a partially metal back with accommodating panels or openings made of glass or plastic so that the Qi wireless charging can work. This could be the “special function” that the “innovative premium handset” needs. You know, in case the three-sided, dual edge design of a S6 Edge isn’t head-turning enough.

Via G for Games

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