Fingerprint scanning technology has been used to secure PCs and laptops for a while now, but apparently that just isnt futuristic enough for Samsung. The Korean company is looking to integrate eye scanning tech into its next flagship phone, the Galaxy S5.

Rumor has it that Samsung will be debuting this new tech of theirs at next years Mobile World Congress, which is set to place between February 24-27 in Barcelona, Spain. The company will supposedly show the technology working with the phone in the following months.

Its believed that this new technology will be part of Samsungs KNOX security feature set, which makes sense. As an Android fan and someone who continually geeks out over futuristic tech, I couldnt be happier about this. Fingers crossed that theres a feature (whether native or homebrewed) that will say good morning, Mr. Duarte, after I log into my phone.

via Intomobile

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