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To be honest, I didn't even know about the first one and now we're already looking at Rolltop 2.0. The new version of this concept device is supposed to come with some improvements, but I'm still awfully curious about the weird form factor.

The idea is thus: You carry around what looks like a rolled up yoga mat with you as you stroll through town. When you're ready to do some work, you can roll out the Rolltop to reveal a giant flexible OLED touchscreen. This can then be bent and formed into a few different modes.

Laptop mode (13-inch) is shown above with the toilet paper roll-looking center acting as a main base and power supply. You type on a touch-sensitive panel. Roll it flat out and you have a 17-inch graphics tablet. Pop out the kick stand and you have a 17-inch monitor for whatever computer.

I'd be more than a little concerned about the hardiness of the flexible OLED if the outer shell portion is going to be constantly rolled over it. I'd also be a little concerned about the robustness of the faux hinge when in notebook PC mode, but hey, it's the future. They'll figure it out, right?

You can head over to MyRollTop.com for more info, but I can't see this hitting any retail channels for some time.

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