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I'm not even going to pretend to understand the Canadian obsession with hockey, poutine, and maple syrup. I thought I had almost nothing in common with the average Canadian other than a healthy respect for bacon, but according to the Rogers Innovation Report of 2012, there is something else that bonds us - our need to stay connected.

According to the report, 51% of Canadians take their smartphones to bed, a whopping 83% take their phones to the bathroom with them, and even 10% enjoy erotica on e-readers and tablets. It also says that 43% use their mobile devices to stream Gangnam Style, but let's just forget that little tidbit.

The report also says that cloud services are predicted to become more commonplace, as is working from home as mobile networks become faster. The majority of Canadians feel that by 2017, they'll be able to save at least two hours a day thanks to faster Internet speeds.

Here is the infographic from RedBoard with some other cool stats and findings.