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We've been using the Roam Mobility service while traveling through the United States for a number of months now and we think it's pretty great. If you've been thinking about giving them a try, but you didn't want to buy the $20 SIM card, you're in luck.

You may have heard about the Roam Mobility SIM Swap Program. The idea is that you could bring in a SIM card from the US carrier of your choice and then Roam would provide you with one of their SIMs for free to get you started. But what if you have a SIM from somewhere else? Well, the program has now been updated to include any SIM from any country. If you've got a SIM from Hong Kong, Australia, France or wherever else, you're eligible.

Head over to the official page for the SIM Swap Program to get full details. You will need to print and complete the entry form, mailing it along with your SIM card to the Roam Mobility office in Richmond, BC. Processing can take about three weeks, so if you want to travel to the States for the holidays, you'd better hop to it soon!

Via Roam Mobility blog