Power Bar Emerges from Beneath Your Kitchen Counter

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Have you ever wanted to have a few extra power jacks in your kitchen, but you don't feel particularly safe about leaving a regular power strip out next to the sink and your cutting board? This could be the product for you.

It seems like such a simple yet brilliant idea. In effect, the Kitchen Power Grommet (PCS34-90) is a power strip that hides in your kitchen counter. When you need it, it can pop out of the counter and give you access to three power ports. When you don't need it, it can recede completely into the counter, hidden behind a grommet, and be super safe again. The grommet prevents water from leaking onto the power strip.

That's the good news. The bad news is that this is far from being the cheapest power strip on the block at $127.00. Considering that a regular old surge protector can be had for about $10, this is a pricey upgrade to your kitchen setup... but hey, you've got to plug that Tassimo into somewhere, right?

Source: Mockett


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  • Anonymous

    That's scary. But if they figured out the electric shock issue, then that's the coolest thing ever.

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