There isn’t a man or woman alive who doesn’t have some sort of childlike affection for magnets, which is why we get products like the POLAR PEN, which is the world’s modular pen made from magnets. Is it a tool? Is it a toy? Is it something I want for Christmas? All of the above!

Canadian Andrew Gardner brings us this product that’s quite honestly a little hard to describe due to its flexible nature. A pen made from magnets is an accurate way of describing it, but also underselling everything it can do. If you check out their Kickstarter, youll see various examples of what you can do, including fashioning a compass by removing the magnetic rings and sticking them together horizontally.

The pen is coming; the project has blown past its $14,000 CAD goal with $302,060 CAD pledged and counting. The pen comes in silver or 24-karat gold, and pledging a minimum of $35 CAD will net you a silver pen. There are an assortment of pledge deals and the first pens are scheduled to arrive in November of this year.

via Kickstarter

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