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There has to be some kind of conspiracy between people who manufacture power strips and people who manufacture plugs for devices. I'm sure that you, like me, have spent endless minutes frustrated and irritated by having to juggle which devices to power because the plugs are at least twice as big as the available outlets and cover up at least one additional outlet. Finally, there is a power strip that addresses the issue.

The Pivot Power Strip by Quirky features outlets that can be turned individually to allow plugging in even the most obnoxiously huge power adapter. Every single outlet on the strip is hinged, and can be turned left to right (but not vertically, which is sad...but I'll take what I can get).

It does only have six outlets, but is affordable enough at $29.99 US that you can pick up more than one (and since you'll be able to actually use all six outlets, it might be enough anyway). Just don't daisy chain them together, please. It has a six-foot cord, so placing it conveniently shouldn't be a problem. It only comes in white, but who really cares what colour their power strip is? Not only does it provide power, but it also features 672 Joules of surge protection.

Source: Slashgear