Patriot Launches New Gamer Series Memory Modules

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Patriot Memory just announced their latest Gamer Series (PGS) memory line aimed at offering a new affordable option amongst the droves of modules available. Frequencies start off at 800 MHz for the DDR2 and top out at 2000 MHz for both the Dual Channel and Triple Channel DDR3 memory. The PGS comes in 4GB Dual Channel DDR2 and DDR3 memory configurations as well as 6GB Triple Channel DDR3 kit compatible with the latest X58 motherboards. There are no small memory kits here!

The modules will also use brand new PGS memory and heat spreaders. The big "G" emblazoned on the heatsinks clearly mean that it's engineered for gamers...or rappers. The new series looks pretty good at this point. Hopefully Futurelooks will be getting a set of these to play with very soon followed by a detailed run down of what to expect from these new parts.

Source: Patriot Memory


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