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The News: Sunday, April 6 Edition


It’s my birthday week! Of course, I’m me, so I’m having my party two days before the actual day, and the way things worked out I have zero plans on my birthday. Which is fine…I’m really entirely too old to act like a kid about it anyway. My cake this …

Amazon Announces Chromecast-Fighting Fire TV Set Top Box


Move over Roku (and everything that is like a Roku)! Amazon has launched the Fire TV, their innocent little set-top box that’s willing and capable of dominating your living room entertainment.

The box packs a quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM, almost quadrupuling the 512MB of RAM that the Roku …

Qi Wireless Charger Gets Cords Out of Cars

ZENS Car Charger

True story: if there is a cord in my room, I will trip over it. Cords are my kryptonite, wherever they may lie. ZENS understands this frustration and the convenience of cordless anything so they’re releasing the Qi Wireless Car Charger which will do exactly what it says.

With the …

Sony Xperia Z2 Coming to Canada Next Month

Z2 Colour Range - Back

Don’t worry readers, this story is very much not a joke! The Sony Xperia Z2, which has yet to see release in North America, is coming to Canada next month courtesy of Bell Mobility.

The waterproof smartphone offers features like 4K video recording using a 20.7 megapixel camera, NFC …

Titanfall Gets Help From Cybertron


Titans, roll out!

It’s never too early to start pushing out downloadable content and Titanfall, the Xbox and Windows first-person shooter involving tiny men and giant robots, is primed to get the coolest bit of DLC in the history of gaming.

This “news” comes courtesy of IGN, who have also …