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LucidBrake Motion-Sensing Brakelights Make Bicycling Safer


I've always been amazed at the fearlessness of bicyclists who ride alongside traffic as if they wouldn't be at a significant disadvantage in the event of a collision. When you ride a bike in the street, bike lane or not, you need to take certain precautions to ensure your safety. …

YouTube Mobile Getting Redesign


According to a recent email that YouTube sent to its content partners, more than half of all YouTube content watched is watched on mobile devices. This shouldn't surprise me as much as it does. When my stepbrother first got his iPod Touch, he would lie in bed for hours watching …

The News: Sunday, April 12 Edition


What a week! My birthday was Friday, but the celebration happened Tuesday and Wednesday because that was more convenient. This year I chose to make a Guinness chocolate cake with Bailey's buttercream frosting, and it was amazing. Other than that, mostly I've been off work this week catching up on …

Go Camping Bug-Free With Thermacell


It looks like winter might finally be loosening its hold, so thoughts are turning to summertime activities. For a lot of people, camping is a big one. I grew up camping, out in the middle of the national forest with only those items we brought in, no campground or amenities... …

MEGATech Reviews: Apple Watch Review Round Up


It wasn't that long ago that smartwatches were nothing more than an idea in the heads of a few forward-thinkers. Once they became a reality, everyone began chomping at the bit to get their devices out of the factory and onto our wrists. Apple jumped into the smartwatch race with …

MEGATech Reviews: Seagate Wireless Mobile Storage Drive


The iPhone 6 does not have a memory card slot. Neither do the Nexus 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6. What this means is that after you load up some of your favorite songs, add a couple of movies, and snap a few photos, you'll find yourself lacking for storage …