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Samsung Galaxy S6 Leak Seems to Confirm Reported Specs


The Samsung Galaxy S6, due for release in hopefully just a few months, is one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2015 thanks to both Samsung’s stellar track record and the promise of a nice little overhaul to the flagship device. Now a Dutch blog has discovered leaked information on …

Google’s Project Ara Could Be a Game Changer


You might not remember Project Ara by name. As far as names go, it doesn’t stand out. What you most likely will remember is Google’s crazy DIY phone that lets you easily snap different pieces of hardware in and out in the form of modules, not unlike a desktop computer. …

Samsung Releases The Z1, Their First Tizen OS phone, in India


Android, iOS, and Windows Phone have the mobile OS market locked down pretty tight, but Samsung is looking to squeeze in on the action with Tizen OS, with the first Tizen-powered phone launching in India. The Samsung Z1 is available now for approximately $92.

It’s cheap, but appropriately so, boasting …

The News: Sunday, January 11 Edition


I’m not entirely sure what happened to the last week. It’s not like we were all that busy at work, but I somehow ended up having what feels like no time for anything. This coming week work actually is busy, plus my mother is having hip replacement surgery on Tuesday, …

CES 2015 – Diamond Multimedia Keeps You Connected


Diamond Multimedia has quite the broad-sweeping product portfolio, looking to the PC gaming community just as much as it provides IT solutions for the everyday mainstream user too. At CES 2015, several new devices were announced by Diamond Multimedia and a good number of them are aimed at providing better …