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No More Rooms Group Chat for Windows Phone


Here's one of those features that not too many knew about or talked about, but it's probably going to missed by the people who did. It's called Rooms and it is an extension of the "People" hub on Windows Phone 8 devices. Rather than engaging in one-on-one flirtations with your …

Turn-By-Turn Directions Arrive at OpenStreetMap


I'll be honest with you and I imagine I'm not alone in this. It used to be the case that if I wanted to figure out how to get from point A to point B, I'll load MapQuest in my browser and be on my merry way. I've long since …

Get Better Sleep With Luna


A while ago I saw a commercial for a mattress cover made by the same folks that do the sleep number beds. The whole idea behind it was that you could put it on any mattress and it would adjust the temperature of each side independently of the other, to …

Flip Phone Sales in Japan on the Rise


In much of the civilized world, the era of the flip phone is over. Smartphones have graduated to smaller versions of tablets and people just don't have time to flip anymore. I believe "ain't nobody got time for that" would be the appropriate meme here.

Yet in Japan, smartphone sales …

Smaller Galaxy S6 Battery Provides Better Battery Life?


Stick a 200hp engine in a massive truck and you probably won't get anywhere particularly quickly. Plunk that same engine on a little pocket bike and you'll positively fly. Similarly, a 10-gallon gas tank could be perfect for a fuel-sipping hatchback, but it probably won't cut the mustard for a …

LG Announces the LG Watch Urbane


Where most companies developing smartwatches are going for a very modern, hi-tech look, LG's new "Urbane" Android Wear smartwatch is going for sophistication above all and, for what it's worth, it looks pretty dang good.

LG considers the watch to the be the first "all-metal luxury Android Wear device," and …