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The News: Sunday, July 20 Edition


What an incredibly busy week! There were several social obligations I had to meet, ending in my class reunion last night. Which although I was sort of dreading ended up being a great deal of fun! Some of the people I really wanted to see couldn’t make it, but I …

Massive Leak Reveals NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet


Be sure to bring your poncho with you wherever you go this weekend because we got ourselves a leak! Though I do feel like calling this one a “leak” doesn’t exactly do it justice. Rumors of an NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet have been making the rounds and if what VideoCardz just …

ZTE Grand X Is Only $150 No-Term from Bell


Even though they’ve been selling other devices, like mobile hotspots, ZTE has never actually sold a smartphone in Canada. That is now changing as they plan on launching the budget-friendly ZTE Grand X as a Bell exclusive. The biggest kicker? It’s being priced at just $149.95 sans contract. This is …

Cabin iPhone Charger Adds MagSafe to Lightning


Cords?! Who uses cords anymore? Contact charging is the way to go and the Shenzhen, China-based Hevo Labs have come up with a really convenient way to charge your iPhone on the go.

The Cabin is a portable battery that your iPhone can magnetically snap via the Lightning port into …

Starbucks App for iPhone Becoming Digital Wallet for Other Stores?


In an effort to carry around an increasingly thinner wallet, we’ve come across a variety of mobile payment and “digital wallet” apps for smartphones. Many of these get you to take a picture or scan the barcode on your existing loyalty cards, offering a digital version for the vendor to …

Microsoft Says Strong Passwords Are Unnecessary


Ask any number of Internet security experts and they’ll tell you that having strong passwords for your online accounts is generally a good idea. They’ll tell you that strong passwords don’t contain any real words or personally identifiable information. They’ll tell you to use upper- and lower-case characters, as well …

Google Adds Bitcoin to Currency Conversion Feature


Google, not the company but the actual search engine, has no shortage of tricks up its sleeve. I use the currency converter feature on a regular basis, though in retrospect, I have no idea why as I only ever deal with US currency. It’s a great feature though and as …