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Darma Helps You “Sit Smart”


We sit too much. There really isn’t a way you can gloss that over… we simply sit too much. Some of that is because of the jobs we are doing, where technology is taking the place of physical labour, but some of it is because we’re lazy. Even in our …

CameraBadge: For the Paranoid


Let me start by saying I live on the edge, and as I sit here my unprotected laptop camera is pointing directly at me. Which means if someone has bothered to hack it, they can see me sitting here with my hair piled on top of my head, periodically sipping …

Ryobi Puts Your Smartphone to Work


Smartphones are sometimes the bane of existence at work, especially for those around the person who just can’t wait to post a picture or make a comment, leaving everyone hanging until he/she can get back to the task at hand. But Ryobi wants to change how we think about that, …

Google Releases Updated Google Calendar App With New Features


Google has released what seems like a pretty major overhaul of their Google Calendar Android app. The biggest change seems to be the automation of your to-do list. The list is integrated with your gmail account, so if you get an email with dates and times of events – say …