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Seven Million Dropbox Accounts Compromised


If you have a Dropbox account, you’ll probably want to go and change your password. Supposedly some 7 million Dropbox accounts have been compromised and have had their associated email addresses and passwords accessed, though how they were accessed is currently being debated.

This all started when an anonymous user …

Windows 10 Passes the One Million Testers Mark


As a wee lad, I always thought of betas as things that gave me free access to games, usually of the MMO sort, and I would get so excited every time I got into a new one. Now that I’m a crotchety old man who hates when stuff doesn’t work …

The News: Sunday, October 12 Edition


And another week goes by with me being so busy I honestly don’t know if I’m coming or going most days. I did have two days off this week (albeit not in a row), so it could be busier… as I’m sure it will be soon. With any luck at …

Ashton Kutcher and Lenovo Announce New YOGA Products


Ashton Kutcher was officially named Lenovo product engineer last October, but I prefer to think that he’s still method acting as Steve Jobs, even though that movie has come and gone. Either way, Ashton Kutcher and Lenovo have just announced the next generation of the YOGA family of products – …

Motorola DROID TURBO Rocks Massive 3900mAh Battery


When AT&T and Apple got into bed with one another over the exclusive iPhone deal several years ago, Verizon decided to fight back with exclusive Motorola phones under the heavy DROID branding. That brand has fallen a little by the wayside, but it could be making a particularly powerful comeback …

Brick and Mortar Amazon Store Coming to NYC


Many people will tell you that online shopping is killing the traditional retail experience and few industries are being hit quite as hard as the regular old bookstore. People will that you that it’s because of Amazon that mom-and-pop bookstores are closing their doors, but now things might be going …

MEGATech Showcase: LEGO Star Wars


There is a seemingly neverending variety of LEGO playsets out there, but none of them capture my heart quite like the ones for various scenes, vehicles, and figures from Star Wars. These are all officially licensed products, and I’m pretty sure you need to add them to your collection sooner …