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The News: Tuesday, September 10 Edition


Today I have to accomplish something. Yesterday I was feeling pretty rocky, so I ended up just hanging out in my recliner all day long scheduling posts for my recipe page on Facebook. I didn't even manage to haul myself out of it long enough to watch the game, which …

Nissan Enters the Smartwatch Race with Nismo


There's a new contender in the smartwatch game and it isn't who you'd expect. Nissan is working on the Nissan Nismo Watch, which they claim is the first smartwatch to connect car and driver. They'll be showing off the tech at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show.

Currently, the watch is …

Spin Your Clothes Clean With a Laundry POD


One of the things I like about fall is the proliferation of space- and energy-saving gadgets for back to school. Because if you've ever been in a dorm room, you know space is a commodity that cannot be overvalued. You also know money is tight, and the average college student …

The News: Monday, September 9 Edition


You know the only saving grace to the weather turning cooler for me? Football. Lots and lots of football. And then in a few short weeks my true love comes around: hockey. My AHL Griffins are the defending Calder Cup champions, which should make this season pretty interesting. One of …

First Impressions: Dying Light by Techland

dying-light (1)

What do you get when you take the parkour-like elements of Mirror's Edge but place them in the middle of a zombie apocalypse? That's almost what you get from an upcoming game called Dying Light, developed by Techland and published by Warner Bros. Interactive. I had the opportunity to go …

Video Earrings Bring Streaming Content To Your Lobes


As you may know, one of my hobbies/side businesses is making jewelry. So whenever I see something new I tend to check it out, because it never hurts to see what's popular in case it fits into the style I make. Video Earrings are definitely not something that would fall …

The Rising Need for Anti-Cybercrime Initiatives


People have some real legitimate concerns about Big Brother. When some of the details of PRISM went public, we really started to realize just how much the government can and does spy on us. They can trace what you're doing on Facebook, they can tap into your phone records and …

The News: Sunday, September 8 Edition


Happy Sunday! I'm about to head out the door to a local tavern where a good friend bartends to watch the Lions season opener. They actually look pretty decent this year, so I have high hopes. But either way, I've been a fan for enough years that it doesn't fuss …