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The News: Saturday, May 4 Edition

Nikon 1 S1 group-900-100

Yesterday was not a good sports day. My AHL team lost, which technically is good because it means I get to work again tonight, but now the series is tied 2-2, so tonight’s winner goes to semifinals. My friends boys’ lacrosse team lost in regional semifinals, which means they won’t …

The News: Friday, May 3 Edition


Tonight determines if my AHL team moves from quarterfinals to semifinals (we’re up two games to one in the series). Tonight also determines if my friend’s boys are going to CCLA finals (which will then determine if they get to MCLA nationals). My NHL team is off. Why do you …

MEGATech Showcase – Flash Drives Make Me Happy Edition


It’s that time once again! I know you’ve been waiting with bated breath, practically salivating in anticipation of seeing what this latest collection might bring. OK, maybe that’s just me, whatever. There are a few of these I’m hoping to add to my personal collection, and some that don’t do …

Durex Fundawear Puts a Spark in Your Long-Distance Relationship


Sometimes, you just have to be a little risque. And sometimes, it’s about the only thing holding a relationship together. In the entertainment industry (as in other businesses, of course), couples often go weeks if not months between being together, which can put a strain on personal relations and sometimes …

The Super Retro Console is Perfect for Retro Gaming


As an avid gamer, I adore retro games. Not because I’m a hipster or anything like that, but because “retro” games were just so fun and charming. Fortunately, retro gaming is more popular than ever and companies like Innex are helping to keep it alive.

Innex, a videogame accessories company …

The News: Thursday, May 2 Edition


My AHL team leads their series 2-1, and my NHL team is down 0-1. That is pretty much the entire focus of my world at this point, since how well they do determines how much I’ll be working in the near future. Other than that, the combination of drugs they’ve …

Lenovo Announces the ThinkPad S431 Laptop for Windows 8


Lenovo has announced their newest laptop, the ThinkPad S431, which they advertise as having an “elegant floating design.” The laptop is also optimized for Windows 8 and features a touchscreen display. The S431 will be powered by a processor 15 percent faster than the previous generations running the 2nd generation …