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The News: Friday, June 14 Edition


I almost didn’t do a post today, not because I’m that busy, but because I’m having a really hard time caring about a lot of things right now. Luckily, my work ethic won’t be muzzled, so here I am. With nothing to say again, but then you’ll have that. But …

E3: Nyko Releasing “Smart Clips” For PS4 and Xbox One


Nyko has been in the game for a long time, manufacturing third-party videogame accessories since the mid-1990s. They’ve managed to stay afloat for almost twenty years and it’s because they do things like market accessories for consoles before they’re even released.

Nyko is releasing the Smart Clip, a means of …

The News: Thursday, June 13 Edition


Today is one of those days when I simply do not have it in me to write an introduction. But of course I have to, since the format demands one. So…I found out last night that the funeral will be Saturday afternoon. Which means none of us doing the show …

Diamond Multimedia Announces WR300NR 4-in-1 Router


Sure, this is E3 week, and videogames are great and all, but most can’t reach their full potential if you don’t have a solid Internet connection. Diamond Multimedia has announced the release of the WR300NR, a 4-in-1 device that does the job of a wireless router, wireless repeater range extender, …

Samsung Announces Galaxy S4 Camera


Samsung has officially unveiled the Galaxy S4 Camera, the world’s first true smartphone and compact zoom camera combination.

The camera sports a 16MP 1/2.3″ CMOS sensor, a 10x 24-240mm f/3.1~6.3 zoom lens, ISO 100-3200, 4 frames per second continuous shooting and 1080p HD video. The business end of the smartphone …

Save Your Strawberries With UV-B LEDs


Where I live, strawberry season is just underway, which means a virtually endless supply of strawberry salads, strawberry shortcake, strawberry pie… just about anything you can do with strawberries, we’re eating it. But one of the drawbacks to fresh strawberries is their tendency to mold and rot at what seems …

The News: Wednesday, June 12 Edition


How do you say good-bye to someone who was instrumental in setting your life on the course you’ve taken? What do you say when virtually everyone you know is hurting just as much as you are, and all it takes is looking at each other for the tears to fall …