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The News: Monday, April 22 Edition


Happy Birthday to my sister! Not that she reads this, but I’m not going to have time to call her today, so at least I can prove I tried. I’m off to work a real job instead of just sitting at a computer for a hockey game for the first …

Scosche FoundIT is a Godsend for the Absent-Minded


We all have at least one friend or family member who constantly misplaces things. If you don’t, then it’s you. When I was working in the theatre in college, my unofficial function was to make sure I knew where everyone’s keys were, because invariably they would misplace them and if …

The News: Sunday, April 21 Edition


There are so many things going on right now I honestly don’t know which one or two to address. Which means my mind has bogged down, leaving me spinning my mental wheels in the vain hope that they’ll catch on something and get me in gear again. So far, that’s …

The News: Saturday, April 20 Edition


We are still surrounded by water. And last night we had measurable snowfall. Luckily, I don’t have to go anywhere again until Monday, although that’s the day the river is supposed to finally crest so it could be interesting, especially given I’ll be working in our convention center which sits …

Sony Canada Class Action Lawsuit Reaches Settlement


Hey Canadian gamers! If you had a PSN, Qriocity, or Sony Online Entertainment account at any time prior to May 15, 2011, you may be entitled to benefits from a recently class action lawsuit.

Remember the big PSN hack of 2011? The class action lawsuit that ensued after that debacle …

ARCHOS Enters Mobile Phone Market with Three Devices


ARCHOS, a company known for making tablets, has now entered the mobile phone arena. Instead of dipping in a foot to simply test the water, they’re looking to make a big splash with three Android devices – the 35 Carbon, 50 Platinum, and 53 Platinum. Not the most memorable names.…

The News: Friday, April 19 Edition


Yesterday I was still joking about the flooding. Today it is not so funny. We are set to break record high water levels in every river, stream and creek in the area, and none of them are supposed to crest until Sunday night. Three of the five ways I can …