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The News: Wednesday, May 15 Edition


My schedule for the week turns out to be an almost total win! Yesterday was, as predicted, a long day. Today and tomorrow I only have to do about six hours, ten hours Friday, and then about 12 each on Saturday and Sunday. No more getting up early for this …

The News: Tuesday, May 14 Edition


And so it begins. Today should be a minimum of 15 hours at work, more likely 18, during which I will find out what my schedule really is for the rest of the week. Could be I’m doing 12-15 hour days through Sunday, or could be it’ll only be 5-6, …

AT&T Discontinuing HTC First


Ouch, right in the Facebook. The HTC First, or “Facebook phone” as it was known to some, has performed so poorly since its release just last month that AT&T is discounting the phone and sending the unsold units back to HTC.

The phone debuted at an affordable $99 with a …

The News: Monday, May 13 Edition


Hockey, especially during playoffs, is decidedly not good for my blood pressure. But…Wings win! Moving on to Chicago now. My AHL series is currently tied 1-1 with game three happening on Wednesday, so I get some breathing room for a minute. Good thing, too! Tonight I’m taking that guy I …

Huggies TweetPee – Yes, This is a Real Product


Here’s another one from the “Surely you can’t be serious” files. I am serious, and don’t call me Shirley. To be honest, before I decided to write about this one I looked it up on multiple sites, because I was confident someone was playing a joke and I’d have to …

The News: Sunday, May 12 Edition


Happy Mother’s Day! Things have been particularly tense between my mother and I this week, so today I swore I would do something that would try to make up for my shortcomings she’s been pointing out for days. I’ve gone out in the yard and picked her a bouquet of …

The News: Saturday, May 11 Edition


Last night was first the best hockey day, then the worst hockey day, then the best hockey again. My AHL team played game one of their series in the semifinals, and completely obliterated their opponent. Then my NHL team, in a do or die situation, looked really good right up …