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Hamilton Beach Offers Compact Breakfast Goodness


As a general rule, I don’t eat breakfast. Mostly because I have this weird metabolism that means if I eat within the first couple of hours after I get up, the rest of my day is not going to go well. But…I love breakfast foods. More often than not, that’s …

Mobile Apps Are More Important Than Hardware


The idea of having apps on a smartphone is nothing new. I remember when the Palm Treo was the smart device to have and you could scour the web for all sorts of interesting Palm OS applications, including to-do lists, productivity tools and even games. Then, we started to see …

The News: Saturday, March 9 Edition


So somebody finally beat the Blackhawks in regulation last night. Figures it’d be the Avs, though, doesn’t it? As a Red Wings fan, those are my two least favourite teams in the league, which Chicago squeaking past Colorado by a nose. But hey…at least somebody did it! Looks like it …

Socialmatic Camera Coming in 2014


With the rise in popularity of both social networking and Instagram, this is certainly no surprise. Slated for release early next year, the Socialmatic Camera actually looks like the Instagram logo and will make sharing your pictures even easier, as if it’s not already the easiest thing in the world.…

The News: Friday, March 8 Edition


As predicted, I finished the assembly for the pool ball chandelier last night. Now all that’s left is to clean up the glue strings (I used industrial glue to hold the various hanging bits in place so they won’t slide on the rings), polish the mirrors…and wait for it to …

Amazon Suspends SimCity Digital Sales in Light of Server Issues


Hey, Electronic Arts? The Internet told you so. When EA announced that the SimCity “reboot” would launch with DRM that required players to be connected to the EA servers at all times in order to play, the Internet launched into an uproar, citing previous attempts at similar DRM that led …

How to Beef Up Your Mobile Device Security


Over time, we’ve learned to be increasingly vigilant when it comes to the security we have on our computers. We install anti-virus software and anti-malware software. We remember to delete cookies and clear out the cache when we use public computers. We use Incognito mode. We might use secure drives