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The News: Friday, April 5 Edition


This is one of those days when I have nothing to say. Well, that’s not exactly true, but I’m caught in a negative spiral and I’m not interested in saying anything that anyone might find even a little bit interesting. That happens sometimes. I am, however, off to work for …

Winners of the Diamond Multimedia and IDAPT MEGATech Giveaways


We here at MEGATechNews love our readers. We love you guys. That’s why we work so hard with partners like Diamond Multimedia and IDAPT to put together some fantastic prizes to give away to you wonderful people. We held not one, not two, but six giveaways in February and March …

Boba Fett Game Among LucasArts Casualties


News broke yesterday that Disney, who recently acquired Lucasfilm and all of its subsidiaries, will be closing down LucasArts and licensing the Star Wars brand to other developers going forward. Some rightfully see this a tragedy, given the iconic games that the studio has produced in the past, but the …

The News: Thursday, April 4 Edition


Well, that was nothing short of a complete disaster. Turns out I’m not quite ready to do an arena show yet…which I really wish I’d known before trying to do one. By the time we got done, I was seriously considering amputation. Live and learn, I guess. But I really …

USPTO Invalidates Apples “Rubber Band” Patent


Apple’s controversial “rubber band” patent has been invalidated by the US Patent & Trade Organization (USPTO). Florian Mueller of Foss Patents reports the “rubber banding” patent is being rejected because it lacks novelty. The rubber band claim was denied because prior art already exists in the form of a patent …

The News: Wednesday, April 3 Edition


Today should be interesting! I’m doing a concert for the first time since I’ve been back to work…although I wimped out and am not doing the entire 18-20 hour day, because I worry I won’t be able to hold my own. So instead of working from 8am until at least …

USPTO Denies Apples iPad Mini Trademark


In world rift of patent and trademark infringement battles, Apple is the leader in pushing their agenda. Patently Apple is reporting the U.S Patent & Trade Organization (USPTO) denied Apple’s request to trademark the iPad Mini.

The judge in the trademark application ruled that “mini” was merely a descriptive term …

Amazon Kindle Fire 8.9 Coming to AT&T Stores


The Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 LTE is scheduled to hit AT&T stores on April 5th, this Friday, so those wary about buying expensive electronics online can now walk into a brick and mortar and purchase the 32GB version of the tablet from a living, breathing human being.

You don’t …

The News: Tuesday, April 2 Edition


You know what’s a whole lot of fun, that I had completely forgotten about? The very beginning of a new relationship, when you aren’t sure if it’s going to work out, when you spend inordinate amounts of time thinking about each other, when your friends give you endless grief about …