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The News: Tuesday, April 16 Edition


My heart is sick, my stomach won’t unclench, and the tears are always ready to fall. What happened in Boston yesterday, which I am sure you have all heard about by now, was just devastating. I understand there are places in the world where things like this happen all the …

The News: Monday, April 15 Edition


When I woke up this morning my Facebook news feed was full of endless posts about it being tax day here in the US. The vast majority of it was whining. I don’t get it. This is not a surprise…tax returns have been due April 15 since well before I …

PSY’s “Gentlemen” Music Video Hits Over 67 Million Views


With last years mega-hit “Gangnam Style” fading into memory, PSY has released his follow-up single “Gentlemen” with resounding success. “Gentlemen” was released over the weekend and had quickly reached over 67 million views and counting on YouTube.

His latest video follows on the heels of a the horse dancing singer. …

MEGATech Reviews – Qanba Arcade Stick Bag


When you want to take your laptop with you on the go, you’ll find that there is no shortage of laptop bags available in a huge assortment of styles and designs. But what about all the fighting game fans in the audience who want a safe and secure way to …

Click and Grow Your Way To Better Dinners


One of the things you may not know about me is that I am a fairly serious cook. I mean, sure, I’m not above opening a package of noodles and eating them for lunch, but as a rule my dinners are planned out and I’ve got around a hundred original …

The News: Sunday, April 14 Edition


So…here we are, two weeks past Easter, three weeks past the first day of spring…and it’s doing the rain/snow thing again. Yesterday it was snowing so hard that we scrapped the playing with helicopters idea, but today I remembered they’re supposed to be used indoors (yeah, I know) so he’s …

MEGATech Showcase: The Land of LEGO

lego1 (2)

One of the things that never fails to amaze me is the number of things people think to create with LEGO bricks. When I was a kid, they were basic kits you could build basic things out of, unless you bought one of the kits designed to make a specific …