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The News: Monday, January 7 Edition


On top of the most excellent news about the NHL yesterday, I find myself able to breathe nearly as well as I could before, I spent several hours yesterday wearing a slipper instead of the surgical shoe/sandal, and we are entering into one heck of a January thaw that even …

The News: Sunday, January 6 Edition


Could it really be? Have the NHL and the Players Association actually come to some sort of a structure for a deal that would allow a 48-game season? I woke up to that this morning and I swear I could hear birds singing! Not that I don’t love my AHL …

The News: Saturday, January 5 Edition


Today is the first Saturday of the month. Which could mean a lot of things to a lot of people, or absolutely nothing to most of you. What it means in my world is that my house is EMPTY until darn near dinnertime! I’ve got my favourite Paul Thorn CD …

RCA DMT580D Android Tablet with Dual TV Tuners


In the world of Android tablets, it’s getting increasingly difficult to separate yourself from the pack, but it looks like RCA could have something quite intriguing in its new RCA DMT580D. Here’s a tablet that boasts integrated dual TV tuners, giving you the ability to watch television on the go.…