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The News: Tuesday, August 6 Edition


Let the weekend commence! Yeah, I know...most of you think I'm crazy since it's only Tuesday. But I have two whole days off in a row! The best part is I did most of my housework and other assorted nonsense on Sunday, so today I'm pretty sure I'm going to …

MEGATech Reviews: Europa Report (2013 Movie)


Remember Apollo 18? Nobody can blame you if you don't. Like Europa Report, it was a found-footage sci-fi horror film about a crew of astronauts that encounter extraterrestrial life. The premise was right up my alley, but unfortunately Apollo 18 was painfully dull, lacking in any good characterization, and not …

MEGATech Showcase: Fantastic Flash Drives


Looks like it's time once again for a collection of the wild and wacky flash drives I've run across in my travels around the internet. It amazes me the endless varieties available, although it is kind of disappointing that so few of them offer USB 3.0. But...the novelty factor cannot …

The News: Monday, August 5 Edition


My normal Monday off isn't happening this week; instead, I'm back at our outdoor venue for another show. Can't complain, though...today looks like one of only two, possibly three, days of work available this week. The good news is I may actually be able to manage the raincheck for the …

The News: Sunday, August 4 Edition


I am not working today! In fact, I have no intention whatsoever of putting on shoes, or getting out of my pajamas. Yeah, there's stuff I need to do...laundry, dishes, perhaps some dusting and vacuuming. But I don't have to go anywhere and that makes it a wonderful day. And …

MEGATech Showcase: Geek-Style Entertaining


As we are all well aware, it is summertime. Which means backyard barbecues, picnics, family reunions, trips to the beach...you name it, people are doing it. One of the things all of those activities has in common is the need for beverages, be they of the soft drink or adult …

The News: Saturday, August 3 Edition


Yesterday was a fabulous day to work! It stopped raining before we got there, and it never really did it again other than a few drops here and there. But an overcast, warm-ish day with a nice breeze does not suck for working outdoors. Today is our third one in …