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BlackBerry 10 Will Have Apps for Launch


We’re three weeks ago from the launch of RIM’s new line of BlackBerry 10 phones. This last year, the company has had one goal: get enough developers on board so that BlackBerry 10 will have a healthy app market for launch. Did they succeed? According to Martyn Mallick, VP of …

CES 2013: The NUU Splash Portable Speaker is Immune to Water and Dust


It’s an indisputable fact that kids these days love their beats and their tunes and their dubsteps, so it’s no surprise that we’re seeing a lot of portable speakers debut at CES 2013. The latest comes from NUU, who’s unveiled Splash, their new waterproof wireless speaker.

Splash is manufactured with …

CES 2013 – Highlights from Computex Press Conference


Even though CES takes place in Las Vegas, it really is the International Consumer Electronics Show. There are companies here from all around the world. Another major computer and electronics show is Computex, which takes place in Taiwan every summer. They put together a brief press conference not only to …