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Razer Releases the Kraken 7.1 Gaming Headset


Release the Kraken! Only this kraken doesn't terrorize the seas, but rather your ear drums. I'm talking about Razer's new Kraken 7.1 Surround Sound USB gaming headset. You love headsets, you love krakens; why wouldn't you love this?

This new headset is built off the same platform as the Razer …

The News: Thursday, August 22 Edition


I actually have a day off! I can definitely use the time; I've really got to get ready for these craft shows in more than a general way, since the first one is in two weeks. I know I have everything, but I need to get it organized in a …

The News: Wednesday, August 21 Edition


I apologize for there not being a post yesterday. I could make up a bunch of excuses, but reality says I completely forgot. So...today's will be somewhat longer than usual to try to make up for it. It's been a really long time since I did that, so I guess …

Sony Announces PlayStation 4 Launch Date


Get your wallets out and then sadly put them back when you realize you're broke. Over in Germany at their Gamescom 2013 press event, Sony announced that their newest console, the PlayStation 4, is scheduled to hit North America on November 15th and Europe and Latin America a couple weeks …

Leaked Photo Shows Possible LG Nexus 5


Thank the maker for an absolute lack of security on the Internet. The rumor mill is beginning anew with the upcoming Nexus 5 thanks to what could be a leaked picture of that very phone. Despite speculation that LG wouldn't be the manufacturer this time around, a big fat "LG" …

MEGATech Guide to Back to School Gadget Gear Shopping


It's that time again! The time of the year that adults celebrate but kids absolutely dread: back-to-school time. However, students both young and old can take solace in all the fancy new gear they'll be equipped with while continuing their education. This is a new world and school gear has …

Apple Asks Supplier to Ship Two New iPhones in September

Phil Schiller

Hey Apple fans, are you ready for a new iPhone? Of course you are, you crazy kids! It's been long-rumored that the iPhone 5S, Apple's next-generation flagship phone, will make its debut on September 10th. Not that that rumor isn't already as strong as an ox, but it's even more …