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The News: Monday, June 3 Edition


Work this week is turning out to be a bonus for me all the way around…I love when that happens! Today I’m working the first concert of the summer at the fabulous outdoor venue in a local botanical gardens and sculpture park, and since I get to be a department …

The News: Sunday, June 2 Edition


This morning while halfway through my first cup of coffee I was treated to a math quiz from the breakfast table where the kids were sitting. I chose not to participate, as math is something of a challenge for me in general, and it was simply not going to happen …

MEGATech Showcase: Can There Be Too Much LEGO?


I know, I know…that’s pretty much blasphemy. There is no such thing as too much LEGO! But I’ve been cruising around the internet for apparently longer than I thought, bookmarking various LEGO creations as I run across them, and just now I looked in the folder. There is an ungodly …

The News: Saturday, June 1 Edition


Today is the day I’ve been looking forward to for three weeks! My niece lives about an hour west of me, in a town with what is hands-down the best farmer’s market I’ve been to in the area. We’re heading there in a few minutes to stock up on the …

Razer Unveils Razer Blade Pro Work and Play Laptop


Razer may be known for gaming hardware, but their latest laptop is designed for work and play. The Razer Blade Pro features a 17-inch HD screen, Intel Quad Core i7, and NVIDIA GTX 765M in a 0.88 inch, 6.5 pound package.

The Blade Pro is the third iteration of its …

The News: Friday, May 31 Edition


So…not so much with the Red Wings. On the other hand, although I can’t stand them, the way the Hawks played all season they certainly deserve it. Now I just have to decide if I can make myself want them to win, or if I really hope the Kings knock …

Tesla Rolling Out Supercharger Stations


Owning a Tesla Model S sedan just got a whole lot more appealing. Tesla’s free Supercharger stations are a very nice incentive, but their extremely limited availability has been something of a downer. Until now!

Tesla has announced that they’ll be significantly rolling out their Supercharger stations, tripling the size …

Tim Cook Talks: The D11 Interview


Apple CEO Tim Cook recently sat down with All Things Digital‘s Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher at the D11 conference. He answered a myriad of questions related to Apple, its new products and maybe most importantly, “Has Apple Lost Its Cool?”

Apple has most certainly not lost its cool …