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The News: Friday, May 17 Edition


And so it begins. Once I go in to work today, I’m looking at roughly 36 hours on the clock through Sunday night. Today should be fun, though…I’m the only one working the afternoon (I’ll be doing a ton of ironing and hand washing), so I’m bringing music to make …

Electronic Arts May Not Publish Any More Wii U Titles


Things aren’t looking good for Nintendo. While just a few years ago they were riding high on the tremendous success of the Wii, the Wii U has been a financial disappointment, and it looks like things are just going to get worse for the innovative yet struggling console.

Last week …

Retro-Bit Controllers Coming to E3 2013


Those who love retro gaming should pay attention to what Innex, Inc. and Retro-Bit will be debuting at this year’s E3. At the June event, they’ll be showing off their new Hypermode Series, controllers designed specifically for playing games with older consoles.

While the NES/SNES and the Genesis controllers can …

The News: Thursday, May 16 Edition


All while I was working last night, I was kind of having a thing because not only could I not watch the game, the part of the building I’m in doesn’t allow for signal on my phone so I couldn’t even get updates. And then I got to the car, …

Google Releasing Their Own “Nexus” Version of the Galaxy S4


Google is releasing a new version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 that will run stock Android – for which Google promises frequent and timely updates – and come completely unlocked and equipped with an unlocked bootloader. The phone will run on T-Mobile and AT&T’s LTE network. It will also sport …

The News: Wednesday, May 15 Edition


My schedule for the week turns out to be an almost total win! Yesterday was, as predicted, a long day. Today and tomorrow I only have to do about six hours, ten hours Friday, and then about 12 each on Saturday and Sunday. No more getting up early for this …

The News: Tuesday, May 14 Edition


And so it begins. Today should be a minimum of 15 hours at work, more likely 18, during which I will find out what my schedule really is for the rest of the week. Could be I’m doing 12-15 hour days through Sunday, or could be it’ll only be 5-6, …