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Microsoft Uses Siri to Take Aim at Apple


Competitors taking jabs at one another is nothing new. Oftentimes it’s petty, but sometimes it’s really funny, funny enough that those on both sides of the field can enjoy it. That’s how I feel about Microsoft’s latest ad for Windows 8, which is called “Less talking, more doing” and uses …

The News: Thursday, May 23 Edition


Huh. We seem to have hit one of those points where I have pretty much nothing to say. I’ve had a couple of days off, both of my hockey teams have also had a couple of days off (although the Wings play tonight), and I haven’t seen or talked to …

The News: Wednesday, May 22 Edition


My AHL team won last night! So now we move on to the conference finals (Friday and Saturday nights at home for games one and two), and hopefully to play for the Calder Cup after that. Have to wait until tomorrow for the next Red Wings game, but I can …

Microsoft Unveils the Xbox One


So, Microsoft has officially unveiled the Xbox One, a new console that should be very exciting to those who love watching media and playing sports games. Like the Xbox 360, the Xbox One is being promoted as an all-in-one media solution, and while that’s fine and dandy, the people who …

Olympus to Drop Entry Level Compact Cameras


The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Olympus is set to cease production and stop selling their entry level model point & shoot cameras.

Olympus will cease production on their “V” Series cameras due to declining demand and lower than anticipated profits. Olympus’ compact camera division posted a loss for …