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Rosewill Wants to Wow You at BlizzCon 2013


When it comes to massive video game events, there are few that are quite as enormous and epic as BlizzCon. Set to take place early next month at the Anaheim Convention Center, BlizzCon is the place to be if you're a fan of Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo and all things Blizzard …

Florida Sixth Grader Invents Sandless Sandbag


Leave it to a Monday story to make me feel woefully inadequate. A sixth grader from Fort Lauderdale, Florida recently won first place in the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge for inventing what he calls SOS – Sandless Operational Sandbag.

Peyton Robertson is no stranger to floods, having experienced …

Hello Kitty, Hello Warm Hands


If you spend any amount of time using a computer, and if you live somewhere that has winter, you are intimately familiar with the awfulness that is having cold hands while trying to type. My house isn't too bad, but if I'm at work I often sit directly under an …

MEGATech Reviews - Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 Android Tablet


It does seem like the market for larger tablets is slowly dwindling, while demand for smaller tablets is on the rise. People seem far more interested in devices like the Nexus 7 and the Retina iPad Mini than they are in their larger counterparts, but some people still want a …

Sharp Chop-Syc Puts Your Recipe Under the Knife


One of the things I find it impossible to resist is a new kitchen gadget. I shudder to think how much money I've spent on them over the years, sometimes to find I've purchased the greatest thing since bringing fire inside, and sometimes to find I've wasted my money on …