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Squirrel Boss Bird Feeder is Shockingly Effective


If you are one of those people who keeps bird feeders in an effort to beautify your surroundings with the colours and songs of nature, then you are familiar with the major drawback of doing so. I’m not talking about the mounds of bird seed, cracked corn and sunflower seeds …

The News: Saturday, August 17 Edition


As predicted, yesterday I did pretty much nothing that required any effort. I did haul my light box out into full sunlight to experiment with taking pictures of the new jewelry, and I think I like it. So that’s my new plan, at least until winter comes and/or I can …

Confirmed: Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Coming September 4th


In a rush to launch its own smartwatch product before the rumored Apple iWatch hits the market, it has been “confirmed” by Bloomberg that the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch will be revealed to the world at a special event in Berlin on September 4th. That’s less than three weeks away.…

US Department of Energy Hacked for the Second Time this Year


Well this is a little bit bigger than the usual breach of social networks. It turns out that in late July, the US Department of Energy was hacked and the “personally identifiable information” or PII of 14,000 government employees was accessed.

The DOE gave details of the attack on Wednesday …

MEGATech Reviews – Seagate Central 2TB Network Storage System


You have some vacation pictures on your laptop. And then you have your music collection on your desktop. And then your wife has a bunch of videos on her computer too. The problem with this kind of configuration is that your library is completely disjointed. Wouldn’t it be easier if …

The News: Friday, August 16 Edition


The productivity just keeps rolling along! Yesterday I was finally able to ship my LapAir back to Cooler Master for replacement, and I sent my application and payment for a craft show I’ll be doing next month. Then because I was in a mood, I made a necklace/earrings set, two …

AAXA Technologies Announces Two New Projectors


I don’t mean to project my excitement onto all of you, but AAXA Technologies has announced the release of two new projectors. Okay, I’m really not that excited, I just wanted to make that pun.

The two new projectors cover those looking for a cheap fix and those more serious …

LG Promotional Event in Seoul Goes Horribly Wrong, 20 Injured


There are PR disasters and then there are real disasters; this is both. In a move that should probably get someone fired, LG held a promotional event in Seoul, South Korea in which vouchers for free smartphones were attached to helium balloons, which were then released in an outdoor park …