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US and Russia Using Old Cold War Hotline to Fight Cyber Crime


As much as it sounds like a bad action movie, the threat of cyber attacks is very real, to the point where our world leaders are now taking precautions to protect us from such an occurrence. The US and Russian governments are re-purposing an old Cold War-era hotline for the …

The News: Tuesday, June 18 Edition


Today I have the day off! It started well, because although I did not get to sleep until well after 3am, I did sleep in until just shy of 12:30 (and only got up then because my phone rang and woke me up). There are 847 things I need to …

Chromebooks Coming to More Stores


While Google hasn’t been pushing Chromebooks that hard, they’ve been working behind the scenes to increase the availability of their nifty little laptops. Google will now be shipping Chromebooks to Walmart, Staples, Office Max, Office Depot, Fry’s Electronics, and TigerDirect, tripling the amount of stores that previously carried the device. …

The News: Monday, June 17 Edition


Enough with the gloominess! This past weekend was my best friend’s eight-year-old daughter’s figure skating competition. She took second place for her artistic piece, first place in the compulsory, and her synchro team took second place. I could not be prouder of that girl if she was mine! Watching her …

The News: Sunday, June 16 Edition


Happy Father’s Day! Hopefully all you dads get to either spend time with your family or away from them, depending on which you’d prefer. Me, I’ll be missing the family party this year since the show doesn’t close until tomorrow night. Luckily, my family understands even while they’re disappointed when …

MEGATech Showcase: Five Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts


Father’s Day is literally right around the corner and if you’re reading this, chances are you waited until the last minute to get him a gift and you’re frantically searching for that special something (that someone else picked out for you). Here at MEGATechNews, we sympathize with those who suffer …

The News: Saturday, June 15 Edition


So…the funeral is today at 2pm. Coincidentally, we’re doing a show and the curtain goes up at 2pm. The more I thought about it, the more acceptable it became, though. What is a better way to honour the life of a man who spent almost his entire adult life doing …