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750 Million Sim Cards Possibly Open to Attack


If your phone contains a SIM card and uses the older D.E.S. (data encryption standard), not only are you vulnerable to being hacked, but all it takes is an SMS message loaded up with a malicious virus to allow someone to listen in on your phone calls.

Karsten Nohl, the …

The News: Tuesday, July 23 Edition


Huh. Turns out I didn’t do a post for today. I swear I remember sitting down and doing it, but there isn’t one. Must be I got my days confused. The stupid thing is, there is no good reason for me not to have done one yet, other than that …

Belkin Announces WeMo Remote-Controlled Light Switch


Belkin has found a brilliant new way to harass and terrorize your family members and roommates: light switches that are controlled from a mobile app. The WeMo Light Switch uses Wi-Fi to give you remote access to your household lights, allowing you to turn them on and off, put them …

Verizon to Offer 500Mbps Internet Service


Could it really be happening? Is the US finally catching up to the rest of the world in terms of Internet speed? Google Fiber is parading their 1Gbps service around the country, smaller companies are popping up to challenge them, and now Verizon has thrown their hat into the mix …

The News: Monday, July 22 Edition


Today I have a rant. Has everyone collectively lost their minds? The number of hoaxes, scams, and other stupidities being posted online, either in email, on Facebook or various internet forums, is astounding to me. Pictures of “missing” children who were found months (if not years) ago. “Hover over my …

MEGATech Reviews – KMD Talkback Pro Universal Gaming Headset


Whether you like playing video games on consoles like the Xbox 360 or you prefer to enjoy your games on the PC, having some quality sound can really elevate your overall experience. This is particularly true for titles where you need to talk to your fellow players and that’s why …

BBiQ Won’t Keep You Chained To Your Grill


Summertime means grilling time, right? But just today a friend mentioned that she and her husband have chosen not to do hot dogs and hamburgers for their daughter’s birthday party because neither of them wants to be stuck at the grill for the entire party. There are a few gadgets …

MEGATech Showcase: Dog Days of LEGO


OK, that was a bit of a stretch, as the dog days of summer aren’t technically until August. But we’re more than halfway through July, so whatever. Anyway, it’s time once again for a vast collection of nifty or quirky or just plain neat creations made from LEGO. Some of …