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The News: Thursday, June 6 Edition


We’re playing for the Calder Cup!!! First time in franchise history, and last night’s game was absolutely edge-of-your-seat, nail-biting, heart-pounding fabulous! I realize not as many people get excited about the AHL as they do the NHL, but this is incredibly huge for us, and I couldn’t be more excited …

Apple Devices Vulnerable to Attack via Charging Port


“Apple iPhones can be taken over with ‘alarming’ ease using a custom-built charger, security researchers warn,” BBC News reports. “Using the bogus charger, a team from Georgia Institute of Technology managed to infect a phone with a virus in less than a minute,” the Beeb reports. “Any device using Apple’s …

The News: Wednesday, June 5 Edition


Well…tonight will be game seven here at home. We were winning right up until the last three minutes last night, and then we choked. Which makes tonight do or die, and the boys had better choose “do”. We’ve never gotten this far in the almost 20 years we’ve had a …

Virtuix Omni Makes Virtual Reality Gaming a Real Reality (Video)


It may not quite be the Holodeck from Star Trek, but the Omni from Virtuix could be the closest thing we’ve ever had to “real” virtual reality gaming, complete with motion sensing and a totally immersive experience. They’re almost ready to launch; they just need some funding help.

Ever since …