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TRENDnet Release the N150 Wireless Travel Router


The Internet is life and most of us can't go more than a few days without it. Whether it's work obligations or an obsessive need to check Reddit, many people need Internet on the go and a smartphone won't always cut it. TRENDnet has released their N150 Wireless Travel Router …

The News: Wednesday, October 2 Edition


Since it's October, my natural instinct is to start cooking soups and stews and casseroles and bread and all manner of comfort-type food. However, we are currently experiencing high temperatures virtually unknown for October, hovering at or near 80F every day. So while the time of year makes me want …

MEGATech Videos - Western Digital WD My Cloud Launches Today

my-cloud (1)

Western Digital has been a trusted name in the hard drive game for many years. Both their internal and external storage solutions are among the best in the business, but we're still left with something of a disjointed experience with content scattered across multiple devices. Public cloud storage has tried …

Top Microsoft Investors Want Gates Gone


We all know that Steve Ballmer is stepping down and Microsoft is currently on the hunt for a new CEO, but should they be looking for a new chairman as well? Three of Microsoft's top twenty investors are calling for chairman and founder Bill Gates to step down as well, …

The News: Tuesday, October 1 Edition


I skipped yesterday. Mostly because I forgot I hadn't done it, but also because I spent the entire day in my recliner drinking Nyquil straight out of the bottle and hoping the plague would leave me. It hasn't, but at least it's better today. At any rate, it's as good …

Sony Xperia Z Ultra Coming to Bell in Canada


It's time to rejoice, Canadians - if you use a mobile phone through Bell, that is. The mobile provider gets the exclusive rights to the Xperia Z Ultra, which will launch in mid-October, which is only a few short weeks away.

Sony Mobile Communications touts the phone as the "most …

MEGATech Reviews: Sony Xperia Z Android Smartphone


When Sony announced the flagship Xperia Z in February of 2013, Canadians were left out in the cold as initially the phone was not set for release in the Great White North. Fast forward several months and with the resounding success of the Xperia ZL Sony rolled out the welcome …

The News: Sunday, September 29 Edition


So apparently I did two affiliate news posts yesterday. This is what happens when I'm working a ridiculous number of hours and also end up getting sick. My brain is, at best, foggy. Although now it makes perfect sense as to why my inbox had so little in it...not a …