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All American Airlines Flights Grounded Due to Computer Error


The Federal Aviation Administration, the FAA, has grounded all American Airlines and some American Eagle flights after AA experienced computer problems that resulted in their reservations systems going down. The problem is expected to be resolved by 5pm ET at the latest, at which point normal flights will resume. Insert …

Google Glass Specs Released


Google has released the specifications for the earliest versions of Google Glass. There’s the obvious stuff, like a 5-megapixel camera and the ability to shoot video at a resolution of 720p, but then there’s also stuff like “bone conduction audio,” which sounds not impressive but downright painful.

Google Glass offers …

Sound-Absorbing Lamp is a Reader’s Dream Come True


One of the discussions that happens in my house on a regular basis is the volume of the television. To me, it is so loud it drills into my skull and does not allow me to concentrate on anything else, which is how I end up spending a lot of …

Google Death: Leave Your Google Data to Your Loved Ones


There was a story a while back about Bruce Willis suing Apple over the inability to leave all of the digital iTunes content he’s purchased over the years to his children after he dies. If I remember right, the story turned out to be bogus, but it brings to mind …

The News: Tuesday, April 16 Edition


My heart is sick, my stomach won’t unclench, and the tears are always ready to fall. What happened in Boston yesterday, which I am sure you have all heard about by now, was just devastating. I understand there are places in the world where things like this happen all the …

The News: Monday, April 15 Edition


When I woke up this morning my Facebook news feed was full of endless posts about it being tax day here in the US. The vast majority of it was whining. I don’t get it. This is not a surprise…tax returns have been due April 15 since well before I …