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The News: Friday, April 19 Edition


Yesterday I was still joking about the flooding. Today it is not so funny. We are set to break record high water levels in every river, stream and creek in the area, and none of them are supposed to crest until Sunday night. Three of the five ways I can …

Xbox Live Looking to Resurrect Heroes TV Series


With programs like Lillyhammer, House of Cards, and the upcoming Hemlock Grove and Arrested Development, Netflix has been really taking a chance with original shows. Hulu has A Day in the Life, The Morning, Spoilers, and more, and soon Amazon will be joining them with the upcoming Zombieland adaptation. …

The News: Thursday, April 18 Edition


Today it occurs to me that there is a bonus to currently dating someone who does woodworking and makes furniture…I’m going to ask him if he’s considered building an ark. Last week we got just over five inches of rain in four days. This week we’re working on an additional …

Foxconn Pays Microsoft Royalty For Every Android Device Made


Microsoft just made a deal with electronics manufacturer Foxconn that will result in Microsoft getting royalties from Hon Hai, Foxconn’s parent company, for every Android device that Foxconn makes. Foxconn currently produces about 40% of the world’s electronic devices, making this an undeniablely lucrative deal for Microsoft.

Though Google owns …

Fresh Air Skylight is Solar Powered Brilliance


While I have never lived in a house that has skylights, I have always wanted to, and I’ve always been jealous of my friend who have one or more of them. One of the things they complain about, though, is that they either cannot open and close them at all, …

Noctua to Release Series of Single Tower CPU Coolers


Noctua has become the standard for air cooling CPUs in the last few years. I personally use a Noctua cooler for testing case CPU cooler space due to its massive size. And that has been the only real complaint about Noctua’s coolers: the amount of space they take up. To …