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The News: Saturday, October 5 Edition


I think I may have bought everything in the store last night. But, I have meals planned for the next week and everything to make them with, including several recipes I don't have a picture of so I can post them on my Facebook page. And while it's been long …

The News: Friday, October 4 Edition


You know the best part about today? It's payday. And I actually worked a great deal the last two weeks, so my check will be a pretty good one. Which means not only can I catch up on some bills, but on my way home from work tonight I can …

Popular 90s Cartoon ReBoot Getting a Reboot


Warning: incoming game.

How many jokes can you make about the popular 1990s cartoon Reboot getting a reboot? Just one joke, and I just made it. The first half-hour, fully computer-animated television series Reboot, which ran from 1994 to 2001 (but only managed four seasons), is being brought back to …

The News: Thursday, October 3 Edition


This work week is going swimmingly! Last night I finished the things that needed to be done by the end of the show tonight, so tonight other than the daily items I'm pretty much going to be just hanging out. Maybe helping a couple other people if they have something …

TRENDnet Release the N150 Wireless Travel Router


The Internet is life and most of us can't go more than a few days without it. Whether it's work obligations or an obsessive need to check Reddit, many people need Internet on the go and a smartphone won't always cut it. TRENDnet has released their N150 Wireless Travel Router …

The News: Wednesday, October 2 Edition


Since it's October, my natural instinct is to start cooking soups and stews and casseroles and bread and all manner of comfort-type food. However, we are currently experiencing high temperatures virtually unknown for October, hovering at or near 80F every day. So while the time of year makes me want …

MEGATech Videos - Western Digital WD My Cloud Launches Today

my-cloud (1)

Western Digital has been a trusted name in the hard drive game for many years. Both their internal and external storage solutions are among the best in the business, but we're still left with something of a disjointed experience with content scattered across multiple devices. Public cloud storage has tried …