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Flickr Adds One Terabyte of Storage Space


Do you know just how much photos it would take to fill up a terabyte? The correct answer is: more than you will ever take. That’s how much storage space Flickr is now offering for its users, even on free accounts. Even if you hoarded only the high quality digital …

Heineken Goes Viral for UEFA Champions League Final


If you were following along through the various social media channels, then you'll know that I recently returned from a trip through Europe. I ate croissants in Paris, I invaded the Colosseum in Rome and I got lost in the remarkably confusing back streets of Venice. My journey began in …

The News: Monday, May 20 Edition


You know what’s funny? I thought I was gonna have a day off. Turns out that might be tomorrow…but maybe not. With any luck at all today will be a relatively short one, though…the Wings play at 7:30, and it’s gonna kill me if I have to miss yet another …

The News: Sunday, May 19 Edition

Samsung PS64F8500 side-900-90

Two more shows and a loadout, and then I have a couple of much-needed days off! With any luck at all, I’ll be seeing the guy either Monday or Tuesday and getting my jewelry box back (he picked it up a couple of weeks ago to put glass in the …

Kidnap Victim Finds Way Home Using Google Maps


This almost brought a tear to my cold, dead eyes, which means it’s the perfect story to bring about the perfect end to a happy weekend.

Luo Gong was kidnapped when he was only five years old and taken over a 1,000 miles away from his home, where he spent …

The News: Saturday, May 18 Edition


Today I get to head to work about 90 minutes before puck drop on the Red Wings-Blackhawks game, which means I won’t see so much as a second of it. Hopefully the boys will play like they mean it, or this is going to be a very short-lived, very disappointing …

The News: Friday, May 17 Edition


And so it begins. Once I go in to work today, I’m looking at roughly 36 hours on the clock through Sunday night. Today should be fun, though…I’m the only one working the afternoon (I’ll be doing a ton of ironing and hand washing), so I’m bringing music to make …

Electronic Arts May Not Publish Any More Wii U Titles


Things aren’t looking good for Nintendo. While just a few years ago they were riding high on the tremendous success of the Wii, the Wii U has been a financial disappointment, and it looks like things are just going to get worse for the innovative yet struggling console.

Last week …

Retro-Bit Controllers Coming to E3 2013


Those who love retro gaming should pay attention to what Innex, Inc. and Retro-Bit will be debuting at this year’s E3. At the June event, they’ll be showing off their new Hypermode Series, controllers designed specifically for playing games with older consoles.

While the NES/SNES and the Genesis controllers can …