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The News: Tuesday, June 25 Edition


Congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks, and may you keep Lord Stanley with the love and respect he deserves! Also congratulations to the Boston Bruins, for a fabulous season and playoff series. And really, thank you to the entire NHL for playing what turned out to be a pretty darn fine …

Kickstand Portable Projector Live on Kickstarter


Picture this: you’re at a party. Everyone is bored out of their minds, milling about, making small talk. Then you walk in the room, reach into your bag, and pull out a portable projector. Within minutes you’re streaming Weekend at Bernie’s over your phone and blasting it onto the wall …

No Charcoal? The SolSource Grill Says No Problem!


Summertime means grilling time, whether it’s at a picnic in the park, at the beach, or in your own backyard. But then grilling requires either charcoal or propane, and unless you’re at your house where everything is stored, you find yourself hauling a bunch of stuff around and it quickly …

The News: Monday, June 24 Edition


Well, who knew when I scheduled my vacation that I would actually end up having three weeks total off? I know there has been work since Wednesday, but for whatever reason it did not get to me. Which means I’m alternately convinced I’ve got everything handled for vacation and convinced …

Keep Your Screens Clean With Your Button Down Shirt


We all do it, even though we know we’re not supposed to, especially if we’re not using a screen protector. Your phone’s screen gets covered with fingerprints or lord knows what, making it hard to see what you’re doing. So instead of using a microfiber cloth (which, let’s face it, …