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The News: Friday, February 15 Edition

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It’s been a really long time since I was this excited about a project, but I can hardly sit still. Last night at my sister’s house we drew a design and put together what supplies we already have. Monday we’re heading to the craft store for beads, and then I’ll …

Apple Updates 13″ MacBook Pro with Retina Display


Apple announced yesterday that it had updated the 13″ Macbook Pro to the Retina Display, and lowered the base prices for the 13″ MacBook Pro Models. The base 13″ MacBook Pro with Retina Display now starts at $1499 with a 128GB SSD. Apple also took the opportunity to upgrade the …

The News: Thursday, February 14 Edition


Happy Valentine’s Day! If this is one of those days you celebrate, hopefully you remembered to get your significant other something thoughtful or silly or whatever they would like. If you’re hoping for a ring (or that she’ll say yes when you give her one), then best of luck to …

Apple Loses Brazilian “iPhone” Exclusivity


Way back in 2000, Brazilian company Gradiente Electronica registered the name “iPhone” for use in Brazil. Brazilian regulators have now ruled that because of that registration, Apple can’t claim exclusive use of the name on mobile handsets. They’re still free to use the name; however, Gradiente Electronica is allowed to …

Func steps into the Gaming Mouse Market with Heavy Weaponry


I am all for anything that shakes things up a bit and brings fresh viewpoint. We have need a fresh perspective on the gaming mouse and did get some new innovations from an established company last year. This time Func (founded in 1999) is releasing their first ever gaming mouse, …

The News: Wednesday, February 13 Edition


While I am certainly not religious, there is always something about Ash Wednesday that seems devoid of colour to me. Probably because Mardi Gras is one of the few holidays I purposely celebrate rather than celebrating because it is expected of me. But this year there’s another factor: today would …