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The News: Sunday, February 10 Edition


Today I have entirely too many things to accomplish, but instead I’m apparently going to have to spend most of the day right here in my recliner. I woke up around 3:30 this morning with the worst headache I’ve had that wasn’t a migraine, and then slept in spurts until …

Dyson Faucet-Dryer Looks Neat, But Is It Practical?


Dyson is nothing if not innovative. They brought us vacuum cleaners that actually get to the places we need to clean, heaters and fans that don’t have blades, and a few other things that make our lives simpler if a fair bit lighter in the pocketbook. This newest idea, though, …

The News: Saturday, February 9 Edition


A really cool thing happened yesterday at physical therapy! He told me after another week or two I should be done with what he can do for me. From there on out, I’ll just keep working on things at home as I have been, although he’s going to put together …

The News: Late Night Insomnia Edition


So, here we are. Friday night. Well, really the wee hours of Saturday morning, but whatever. The snow seems to have stopped for now, it’s actually nearly up to freezing, and I heard a snowplow go by earlier. No one is stirring in my house, or at least it seems …

Apple Rumoured to Release iPhone 5S and iPhone 6


iPhone rumours are never in short supply, especially when a new release is just around the corner. Reports out of the Far East have Apple developing both an improved iPhone 5S and a larger iPhone 6 or iPhone Plus. Chinese mobile phone information site Laoyaoba.com has reportedly seen both new …

Apple Halts Mac Pro Sales in Europe


Apple has announced to its European retailers that, effective March 1st, 2013, it will no longer be selling the Mac Pro in Europe. In a letter to its retailers, originally obtained by MacRumors, Apple stated the Mac Pro would no longer be available due to new regulatory requirements going …

The News: Friday, February 8 Edition


Holy winter, Batman! I cannot even imagine what it’s like over on the east coast, because here where we only had one storm system to contend with we have been absolutely buried in snow, and it’s still falling. If you’re in one of the affected areas, I hope you’ve stocked …