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Samsung Announces the Galaxy Round Smartphone with Curved Display


Samsung today revealed the Galaxy Round, their newest smartphone and the first (according to them) to feature a curved display. Unlike earlier Samsung smartphones that featured a piece of curved glass on top of a flat display, with the Galaxy Round the curve is in the display screen itself.

This …

The News: Radeon R9 270X & R7 260X Edition


Here's a new thing that's apparently going to happen this hockey season: I'm to be one of the people trained on the new video board at our arena. Not sure exactly how that works, but I was specifically requested by name for three days of training next week just prior …

iPhone 5S Reportedly Experiencing Bending Issues


Remember that song Bent by Matchbox 20? Imagine that song playing over a montage of sad iPhone 5S owners, frustrated that Apple hasn't fixed the bending issue that plagued the iPhone 5.

According to early adopters of Apple's latest iPhone, the iPhone 5S's aluminum frame is susceptible to the same …

Anonymous Tip Puts Nexus 5 at $299


Here's something you don't see often. The Nexus 5, like most successors, looks to be an improvement over LG's Nexus 4. However, unlike most successors, the Nexus 5 may be debuting at a cheaper price than the Nexus 4 did.

Unverified as it may be, an anonymous tipster told Phone

The News: Tuesday, October 8 Edition


Today I have to make up for doing absolutely not one thing yesterday. Starting with a quasi-mandatory refresher "training" course on the LED ribbon board at our arena (which is funny for me, but I'll go), then home to do laundry and dishes and clean my kitchen so I can …

Fox News Upgrades Newsroom with Giant Tablets, Twitter Wall


This is too great not to share. The infamous Fox News, which has consistently been an inadvertent source of comedy over the years, has revamped its newsroom to resemble something that looks like a bad science fiction film from the 1990s. You know those films that tried to predict what …

The News: Monday, October 7 Edition


I feel like I just climbed out of a cave. There were an awful lot of work hours involved in the last week (but most particularly the weekend), and I was away from my laptop for so long that it wasn't just in sleep mode, but fully turned itself off. …