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Foxconn Pays Microsoft Royalty For Every Android Device Made


Microsoft just made a deal with electronics manufacturer Foxconn that will result in Microsoft getting royalties from Hon Hai, Foxconn’s parent company, for every Android device that Foxconn makes. Foxconn currently produces about 40% of the world’s electronic devices, making this an undeniablely lucrative deal for Microsoft.

Though Google owns …

Fresh Air Skylight is Solar Powered Brilliance


While I have never lived in a house that has skylights, I have always wanted to, and I’ve always been jealous of my friend who have one or more of them. One of the things they complain about, though, is that they either cannot open and close them at all, …

Noctua to Release Series of Single Tower CPU Coolers


Noctua has become the standard for air cooling CPUs in the last few years. I personally use a Noctua cooler for testing case CPU cooler space due to its massive size. And that has been the only real complaint about Noctua’s coolers: the amount of space they take up. To …

Need to Deposit a Cheque? There’s an App for That!

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 7.23.15 AM

Online banking has been around for years, but it seems like only yesterday that financial institutions embraced banking by smartphone with the emergence of the banking app. The main problem with online banking is that you still need to visit an actual real-life bank to deposit a physical cheque. Until …

The News: Wednesday, April 17 Edition


Back to the usual program today…and another date. Before then, however, I simply have to finish this paperwork project that should have been done days ago. I meant to do it yesterday, but after I got home from the dentist (where I went for the first time in what was …

All American Airlines Flights Grounded Due to Computer Error


The Federal Aviation Administration, the FAA, has grounded all American Airlines and some American Eagle flights after AA experienced computer problems that resulted in their reservations systems going down. The problem is expected to be resolved by 5pm ET at the latest, at which point normal flights will resume. Insert …