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The News: Tuesday, July 16 Edition


This probably isn’t news to anyone in the northern hemisphere, but it is HOT!! I’m actually spending most of today hanging out in my basement, as it is a good 10 degrees cooler down here. Which is kind of academic when the heat index is well over 100F, but it …

USB Bed Risers Kill Two Birds With One Stone


There are a wide variety of reasons you might want to raise your bed up several inches from its current position. Maybe you want to increase your storage space. Maybe you want to avoid critters that could climb into bed with you via your dangling blankets. Maybe you have a …

Angry Birds Star Wars II Coming September 19th


Ready or not, here they come. After a bit of teasing, Angry Birds Star Wars II has officially been announced for a September 19 release date. While the original Angry Birds Star Wars was based on the original (and good) trilogy, the sequel is going to be based on the …

The News: Monday, July 15 Edition


Today I have not much of anything to say. It’s Monday, and as this posts my friend who died on Wednesday is being celebrated. I can’t get to either the ceremony at the funeral home or the celebration of life to follow at the park, but in my head and …

The News: Sunday, July 14 Edition


In all, yesterday could have been much worse. It wasn’t as good as I’d hoped, but it wasn’t all bad, either. Dad was able to pay attention and didn’t start faltering too badly walking until just before they were leaving, he just didn’t talk much. But he appeared to know …

Walk Your Way to a Charged Phone With SolePower


It seems like every ten minutes someone is coming up with some means of charging our ever-hungry devices without having to use a wall outlet. Which is actually a good thing, because I assume I can’t be the only one who needs to stick my phone on the charger multiple …

MEGATechNews Live Stream at LANcouver 2013


Do you like to play games? Do you like to gather with like-minded individuals who also like to play games? Well, then you should naturally be interested in Western Canada’s largest LAN party. Yup, we’re back here at LANcouver and we’re going to be live streaming all weekend. In fact, …

The News: Saturday, July 13 Edition


Do you ever have one of those absolutely perfect days? They’re rare, but all the more welcome when they happen…and yesterday was one of them in my world. I got to spend the first part of the day hanging out and running errands with a good friend (we call each …