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The News: Monday, July 29 Edition


Oh boy…do you ever have those days when you’re barely out of bed ten minutes and you are already so annoyed with everyone you want to scream? Yeah, I’m there. Probably has to do with only getting three hours’ sleep, but also people are just ignorant lately and it makes …

On the Perseverance of E-Mail


Technology continues to evolve and get better. I remember when I got my first digital camera, thinking that it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever used. It shot at an abysmal 1.3 megapixels and had absolutely no optical zoom. It had virtually no controls in terms of adjusting the …

The News: Sunday, July 28 Edition


Today there is something on my mind. If you are divorced, or divorcing, or otherwise breaking up with someone, and there are children involved, please think about what you are saying in front of them regarding your ex. Children hear and remember a lot more than you think they do, …

The News: Saturday, July 27 Edition


Just one more work day to get through, and then it appears that I’m going to actually have a two day weekend this week! That’s pretty darn exciting for me, especially since there’s a show on Monday that (fingers crossed) it appears I do not have to work. Other than …

The News: Friday, July 26 Edition


Here we are at another Friday again…where the heck does time go, anyway? At any rate, I’m working today, but it shouldn’t take forever. I hope. The goal is to get home before the apocalyptic thunderstorms they’ve predicted hit, but since I have no earthly idea what show I’m doing …

Plustek Unleashes the SmartOffice PS456U Scanner


The difference between consumer devices and devices intended for business use is mind-blowing. Take, for example, the new Plustek SmartOffice PS456U Scanner. The word “office” is right there in the title, because unless you work in an office, you don’t need the ability to scan 80 duplex-color pages in just …