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The News: Monday, June 10 Edition


The boys are amazing! We won game two of the Calder Cup finals last night, which means they’ll be heading home for games three and four Wednesday and Friday up 2-0 in the series. Now it’s absolutely killing me that I already committed to doing a different show elsewhere for …

Cooling Car Seat Pad Is Useful All Year Long


The northern hemisphere is now entering summertime, which means a lot of things to a lot of people. For those who have to spend any length of time driving a car, it means sweaty backs and legs as well as the accompanying wrinkled clothes. Obviously running the air conditioner is …

Don’t Let Dead Devices Ruin Your Garden Party


This has already happened to me three times this summer, and it’s barely the second week of June. I’m outside, either gardening or reading a book or doing other things in my yard because it’s nice…and my phone dies. Yeah, I could refrain from taking so many pictures or commenting …

The News: Sunday, June 9 Edition


The boys won game one of the Calder cup finals quite handily last night! Game two this afternoon, and I’m hoping it goes much the same. This one I actually get to watch online through some miraculous confluence of events, so I’m really very excited. There’s something that doesn’t suck …

Why We Still Need Printers


Seeing how MEGATechNews is a site where we talk a lot about gadgets and technology, you would think that we are all proponents of the paperless office and going digital with everything. And, in general, we are those kinds of people. I’m far more likely to jot down a quick …

The News: Saturday, June 8 Edition


So…the Bruins made sure Pittsburgh wasn’t going to get the Cup, and more power to them! While I haven’t jumped on the bandwagon and declared my undying hatred of Sidney Crosby, I am glad to see them lose. Mostly because I’m not a fan, for no particular reason really…I’m just …

What is PRISM? How the US Government is Spying on You


If you haven’t heard of PRISM yet, this is your introduction, and you’re going to be hearing about them a lot more. PRISM is a US government program, a collaboration between the NSA, FBI, Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube, and Apple. Through these tech companies, the government …