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The News: Saturday, September 28 Edition


Yesterday started out as an immensely frustrating day, and ended on a note of such high triumph I could hardly believe it. Assuming at least some of y'all work with computers on a regular basis, you understand how awful and wonderful they can be. Yesterday when I got to work, …

Iranian Hackers Access US Navy Computers


We've reported before that the US Government has placed a strong emphasis on protection from cyber threats and instances like this are exactly why. According to US officials, a group of Iranian hackers were able to access low-level, unclassified Navy computers.

Fortuantely, the low-level nature of the computers means that …

The News: Friday, September 27 Edition


One of the things I love about how long I've been working for various tech sites, especially the number of years I've been doing affiliate news posts, is that I am familiar with most of them as well as some of the people who work there. Which makes my job …

The News: Thursday, September 26 Edition


I know there have to be some of you who regularly head to work at some ungodly time in the morning. I do not envy you, and I am sorry that has to happen. This morning I joined your ranks, although thankfully it's a rarity rather than a rule. But, …

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Makes Massive Debut


The much-anticipated Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. premiered on ABC last night, and the levels of buzz coming off of Marvel's theatrical outings and Joss Whedon's involvement led to a stellar debut of 11.9 million viewers. That makes it the highest-rated drama debut since ABC's V remake premiered back in November …

iOS 7 Waterproof Prank Leads to Ruined iPhones, Angry Users


I'm having a bit of trouble wrapping my head around this one. A mock advertisement for iOS 7, Apple's new mobile operating system which hit just a few days ago, claimed that the updated OS would render the device waterproof. The explaination read that a "smart-switch" would shut off all …

Foap App Comes to Android, Pays for Your Smartphone Pics


Being an Android man, the iOS app store is a mystery to me, a land far beyond my reach. Oftentimes I'll discover an app for Android that's completely new to me, despite it having been available on iOS for quite some time. Such is the case with the Foap app, …