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The News: Wednesday, May 29 Edition


As I write this, I am also watching numerous lightning strikes, and listening to really loud rolling thunder that is making the dishes in my cupboards rattle, accompanied by a torrential downpour and some pretty serious wind. For a lot of people, that is frightening. For me, it’s music. But …

MEGATech Reviews Movies: Dark Skies


Dark Skies tells the story of the Barrett family and their encounter with extraterrestrial life. Unlike E.T., the protagonist of Spielberg’s classic science fiction film, these aliens don’t drink beer and eat Reese’s Pieces. The actions they engage in are much more mysterious and nefarious and the Barrett’s must struggle …

The News: Tuesday, May 28 Edition


If it wasn’t for that stupid penalty shot…Oh well. Game seven on Wednesday, and to be honest while I would hate it if Chicago knocked us out, there wouldn’t be any shame in it. You know, just as long as the Sharks win tonight and then knock the Hawks out …

Ford F-150 Trucks Being Investigated Over Engine Issues


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will be looking into reports that certain Ford F-150 pickup trucks have been losing power after accelerating. The issue reportedly happens most often when driving in humid or wet conditions and when already traveling at highway speeds.

There have been 95 reports, though the …

The News: Monday, May 27 Edition


It’s Memorial Day. In recent years, more and more people have become ignorant of what that means. This holiday is for the remembrance of military members who died while serving. The picnics and cookouts are a result of the tradition of picnicking in cemeteries while cleaning up and placing flowers …

Cooler Master Boosts Apple Mobile Accessory Lineup


Cooler Master has introduced two new mobile stands to boost their already impressive Apple accessory product lineup. Enter REN & DUO, the latest from the Chino, California company. Both offerings are minimalistic in design yet offer multiple functions for either the iPhone or iPad.

The first, REN, is a portable …

Apple to Release Revamped iOS 7, Jony is in the Details


With WWDC just over a couple of weeks away, rumours and leaks abound as to the next iPhone and reiteration of iOS7. Apple, and Jony Ive in particular, have said to have performed a complete revamp of iOS 7, by flattening and desaturating the look of the OS.

iOS 7 …

The News: Sunday, May 26 Edition


Last night was not a good hockey night. My AHL team lost (and quite frankly, played like they didn’t mean it), but then it was only game 2, which means we’ll play games 3 and 4 out of town and then definitely be back here at least for game 5. …