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The News: Tuesday, October 22 Edition


Today I received a minor reprieve from my lack of available hours to sleep when the call time for tonight's concert was changed from 6:30 am to 8:00 am. It's amazing the difference 90 minutes can make. Especially after a Monday on which I found out I cannot afford to …

Xbox One Will Run Windows 8 Apps, According to Dell


Microsoft has been pushing a unified Windows experience for a while now, as it’s easier to herald in the robot apocalypse if all of the electronics are communicating with one another. According to a post on Dell’s website, the Xbox One will be the latest device to run Windows 8 …

Samsung Developing Eye Scanner for Galaxy S5


Fingerprint scanning technology has been used to secure PCs and laptops for a while now, but apparently that just isn’t futuristic enough for Samsung. The Korean company is looking to integrate eye scanning tech into its next flagship phone, the Galaxy S5.

Rumor has it that Samsung will be debuting …

MEGATech Reviews - AtGames Sega Genesis Classic Game Console


It's true. The next generation of home video game consoles will soon be upon us with the pending arrival of the Sony PlayStation 4 and the Microsoft Xbox One, but there are still plenty of people out there who are still yearning for the gaming experience of yesteryear. For those …

The News: Monday, October 21 Edition


Although I have the day off today, I do have to go to the dentist so I'm not counting it as a win. One of the things I completely forgot about getting that root canal last summer is that I was supposed to get a crown from the regular dentist …

The News: Sunday, October 20 Edition


Fall is definitely here, and I definitely live in the north. It hasn't stopped raining for more than a few hours at a stretch since last weekend, the leaves are turning colours briefly before being beaten to the ground by rain, and you can't go anywhere without seeing apples, apple …

The News: Saturday, October 19 Edition


Well, we survived the game! It actually went surprisingly well, all things considered. The boys lost, though, which makes me sad. However, I have to admit I got choked up and a little teary-eyed when we raised the championship banner to the rafters...it's a huge thing to bring home a …

Elon Musk Buys James Bond's Submarine Car; Plans to Improve It


If the Hyperloop and Tesla didn't make Elon Musk a household name, he'll get there soon enough. After all, as many people have pointed out, he seems to be the closest thing the real world has to a Tony Stark. Want further proof? Musk recently purchased the transformable submarine car …