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MEGATech Showcase: Celebrating the 4th of July The Geek Way


Tomorrow is the 4th of July, otherwise known in America as Independence Day. Remember that movie where Will Smith welcomed aliens to “Erf” and then Jeff Goldblum gave them a cold, but not before Bill Pullman made an awesome speech? It’s that day.

There’s also something about celebrating our breaking …

TSA Creates Instagram Account, Pictures of Insane Weapons Follow


To put it lightly, the Transportation Security Administration, or TSA, is a not a popular agency in the United States. They’re the ones charged with keeping the skies safe, but many people claim that they go beyond what’s necessary, that they violate and intrude. In an attempt to show people …

The News: Wednesday, July 3 Edition


Unfortunately, vacation brain has made me unobservant and also rude. So…a happy late Canada Day to those of you who participate, and a happy early Independence Day for those of you who participate in that. One of the things I’m most enjoying is the fact that I have zero responsibilities …

Google Glass Getting Full Web Browser


Google has heard the complaints about the lack of a proper web browser on their Google Glass and is looking to remedy that with this month’s software update, which will equip the device with a proper, full web browser. You now have no excuse for not reading MEGATechNews while walking …

MEGATech Reviews – Samsung Galaxy S4 Android Smartphone


There are two companies that are currently dominating the world of smartphones. Controlling the vast majority of the overall market share are Apple and Samsung. And when you take a look at the latter, the pre-eminent handset being offered today is the Samsung Galaxy S4. It’s big, it’s bold, and …

The News: Tuesday, July 2 Edition


Happy Birthday to my Dad! He’s 79 now, and still (mostly) holding his own. Of course, I’m still on vacation, but we have a huge family party in the middle of July every year because we have so many birthdays and anniversaries this month so at least I won’t really …

The News: Monday, July 1 Edition


It’s not that I didn’t know we were going into another month (one of the reasons I started simply using the date for news post titles was so I was able to keep some kind of clue about it), it’s that this one totally sneaked up on me. On the …