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Easily Track Your Baby’s Health With Smart Diapers


Scientifically, there aren’t a lot of things that give your doctor more information than a urine sample. Obviously, if a urine test detects something amiss, then other, more invasive tests will be scheduled, but for an initial diagnosis, or at least to get you in the ballpark of what might …

The News: Friday, July 19 Edition


The weather guessers promised me severe thunderstorms. I’m waiting. Sure, I know most people wouldn’t be excited about that, but the only fear I have is the power will go out and said thunderstorms will not, in fact, drop the temperature 20 degrees (as they also promised). I love thunderstorms. …

BBM for Android Slated for Late September Launch


Back in the day, aside from having the best email experience on a mobile device, RIM’s claim to fame was the BlackBerry Messenger. Since then, the company has officially changed its name to BlackBerry and it has lost tons of market share to iOS and Android. What can it do …

The News: Thursday, July 18 Edition


You know what’s really cool? I worked a full day yesterday after having been off for a month, and nothing hurt when I was done. I wasn’t limping (hooray, the foot is finally almost completely healed!), my back wasn’t screaming at me…nothing! For quite a while there I was fairly …

Rumor: Next Nexus 7 Announcement and Launch Next Week


According to a combination of news items and a bit of speculation, the long-rumored second-generation Google Nexus 7 will be officially unveiled next week at a conference helmed by Android, Chrome, and Google Apps Senior Vice President Sundar Pichai. The new tablet, which could be called the Nexus 2 7 …

Sony Xperia SP Now Available in Canada


According to Sony Mobile Communications, the Xperia SP smartphone is now available in Canada from carriers Virgin Mobile, Rogers, and Fido. The impressive-looking phone is being touted as ideal for those who “demand quality and functionality that match their lifestyle.” Well when you put it that way, it sounds like …