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The News: Thursday, November 14 Edition


Things around here have been so crazy busy I'm not even entirely sure I know what my name is any more, much less anything else. The thing is, I love it. This is how life is supposed to be, with me not having time to do much else besides work, …

Motorola Announces the Affordable Moto G at $179 Off Contract


Free is the best. Free is the best, cheap is great, and affordable is good. I wouldn’t call Motorola’s new Moto G “cheap” necessarily, but at $179, it’s definitely affordable and it sounds like a great deal.

The entry-level smartphone packs in a 4.5-inch, 720p LCD TFT display, a quad-core …

MEGATech Reviews - BlackBerry Z30 Smartphone


When I reviewed the BlackBerry Q5 a couple of months ago, I said it felt cheap and would have a hard time competing in today's marketplace. If you are a diehard BlackBerry fan and you've been waiting for a premium smartphone that can hold its own against the big boys, …

MEGATech Showcase: Chill Out With Creative Ice


Sure, it's coming on winter here in the Northern Hemisphere, but we have friends in the Southern, don't we? And even if we don't, you're still going to want to serve chilled beverages at your holiday parties, so you're still going to need ice cubes. And as we all know, …

Verizon Gets BlackBerry Z30 on November 14


My first smartphone was a BlackBerry. Even if I’ve come to love Android, I’ll always have a special place in my heart reserved for the former, so I’m glad to see them attempting a comeback. The BlackBerry Z30 is the latest step in that comeback and it will hit the …

The Humble Store Debuts with Cheap Games

Introducing the Humble Store - duartedylan@gmail.com - Gmail

First there was the Humble Bundle. Then there was the Humble Weekly Sale. Now the “humble” folks have expanded their operation in a much bigger way by adding the Humble Store.

Instead of the random bundles that you’re used to picking up on the cheap, the Humble Store offers …

The News: Radeon R9 290 Edition


Hey, guess what? There's another new video card. You probably already knew that, but sometimes they surprise me when they pop up in my inbox and I've been busy. So I'm gonna do that thing here like what I always do, where each site's name is followed by a link …

Motorola Wants Smartphone Microphone Throat Tattoos


I don’t have any tattoos and I don’t have any actual plans to get one, but the possibility has always appealed to me. What would I get, though? I’ve considered the Daredevil logo, as I’m big fan of the character and it would double as my initials. There’s also a …