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The News: Tuesday, April 30 Edition


And so it begins. Tonight is the first game of the first round of the NHL playoffs, and I couldn’t be happier. As it turns out, my AHL team also made the playoffs (game one tomorrow), so there is the potential for both the Stanley Cup and the Calder Cup …

Pedal Your Way to Power With the Atom Generator


I admit it: I really need to get more exercise. Now that I can finally walk without closely resembling Herman Munster that may well happen. And wouldn’t it be neat if I could kill two birds with one stone and provide a little extra electricity while doing it? If I …

CISPA Possibly Dead in the Water, New Concerns Arise


CISPA, the misguided (or misleading) Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, has been a concern for Internet users since it was introduced in late 2011. After being shot down by the Senate a year ago, the legislation resurfaced in February of this year and has since passed the House. Fortunately, …

Microsoft Xbox 720 Details Begin to Leak


The next-generation Xbox is coming, and as the May 21 reveal gets closer, more and more possible details are being leaked. Unsurprisingly, the scuttlebut suggests that the next Xbox will be designed to work as part of a larger, Windows 8-ran whole. Microsoft wants Windows 8 running all of your …

The News: Monday, April 29 Edition


Three years ago today, I was sitting in a courtroom fighting tears (and losing), watching my niece and her husband become the legal parents of the three children they had been fostering for the previous year. Today I found myself crying again thinking about it, because it was one of …

The News: Sunday, April 28 Edition


It’s a good thing I decided to start simply naming these affiliate news posts with the date rather than trying to come up with some other idiosyncratic titling method as I did when I started. Originally, it was because I had run out of creativity, so I figured I’d do …