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MEGATech Reviews – Samsung Galaxy S4 Android Smartphone


There are two companies that are currently dominating the world of smartphones. Controlling the vast majority of the overall market share are Apple and Samsung. And when you take a look at the latter, the pre-eminent handset being offered today is the Samsung Galaxy S4. It’s big, it’s bold, and …

The News: Tuesday, July 2 Edition


Happy Birthday to my Dad! He’s 79 now, and still (mostly) holding his own. Of course, I’m still on vacation, but we have a huge family party in the middle of July every year because we have so many birthdays and anniversaries this month so at least I won’t really …

The News: Monday, July 1 Edition


It’s not that I didn’t know we were going into another month (one of the reasons I started simply using the date for news post titles was so I was able to keep some kind of clue about it), it’s that this one totally sneaked up on me. On the …

The News: Sunday, June 30 Edition


I may need to take a vacation after I get home from my vacation. But…totally worth it! I’m getting to see “my” kids, and spend an amazing amount of time talking with my best friend about everything under the sun, and waking up every day to clear blue skies that …

Has Advanced Technology Made Us Lazy?


I love technology. I love gadgets. I love how I can take thousands of pictures with my digital camera instead of having to be far more selective with a 24-exposure roll of film. And I love how I can access my e-mail on my smartphone, my tablet and on my …

The News: Saturday, June 29 Edition


Tonight is a special night! We’ve got a babysitter overnight for the kids, and we’re driving down to Santa Cruz to see one of our all-time favourite artists in concert. If you’ve not heard of Paul Thorn, do yourself a favour and look him up on YouTube. He typically gets …

Sony Announces RX1R and RX100 II


Sony has introduced two new successors to the popular RX100 and RX1 compact cameras, the RX100 II and RX1R. With these two new cameras Sony has upped the ante with their Cybershot camera lineup.

The RX1R is essentially the same camera as the RX1, with the addition (or in this …