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Hot Logic Slow Cooks Your Meals is the Easiest Way Possible


Have you ever been in the kitchen and thought to yourself, “Hey, what about a refrigerator that keeps things hot?” If so, you’re probably a little nuts, but thankfully you’re not the only one. Hot Logic has released a product that they dub the “ultimate slow cooker,” which is essentially …

The News: Wednesday, August 28 Edition


One more day, and I’m outta here! I figured since there wasn’t any work this weekend I might as well blow this pop stand. Also, I haven’t seen my niece or the kids in what feels like a hundred years, so I’m going to head to their house for a …

Nexus 4 Smartphone Only $199 on Google Play Store


If you’re in the market for an unlocked Android phone at an unbeatable price, it looks like the Google Play Store is where you want to go. The Nexus 4 was already really cheap at $299 outright, but the price has now been slashed down to a mere $199. That’s …

Sprayable Energy: When You Need a Break, But Can’t Have One


We’ve all had them: those seemingly endless workdays where you’re pretty sure if you drink any more coffee your stomach lining is going to resemble Swiss cheese. But you’re still tired, and you’re looking at hours to go before you can rest. In my world, this happens on a somewhat …

Janet Napolitano talks Cyberattacks in Farewell Address


Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano is stepping down after four and a half years at her post. In her farewell address earlier today, she warned of the looming threat of cyberattacks, including a major one that will “at some point” damage the economy as well as the everyday lives …

The News: Tuesday, August 27 Edition


Today is all about cleaning my house. Well, that’s not exactly true. Today is about cleaning my bedroom. You know how people are coming over, so you quick pick up a bunch of stuff and throw it in the corner of your room so it’s out of the way? It’s …

SRSLY? Nokia Sirius Windows RT Tablet Spec Sheet Leaked


Even though Nokia has pretty much become the de facto manufacturer of Windows Phone devices, that market is still very small when compared to Android and iOS. And the Microsoft Surface tablet with Windows RT has, to put it kindly, been met with “limited success.” It almost makes sense that …

The News: Monday, August 26 Edition


Today it’s supposed to be 95 degrees with near 100% humidity. We’ve had the goofiest weather this summer! First, it seemed like it was never going to get warm. Then, it was so hot I thought we were gonna die. Then for the bulk of August it was so darn …