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Nikon Now Paying Royalties to Microsoft


Microsoft announced yesterday that they have signed a patent licensing agreement with Nikon. The terms of the agreement provide broad coverage under Microsoft’s patent portfolio for certain Nikon cameras running the Android operating system.

While the contents of the agreement will not be disclosed, Microsoft will receive royalties from Nikon …

Chromebook Pixel Touchscreen Available for Pre-Order


Nobody was sure whether or not the rumored Chromebook Pixel Touchscreen was real until now. The Chromebook Pixel gets its name from its whopping 2,560 x 1,700 resolution, which gives it an impressive 239 pixel density per inch. The resolution isn’t as high as the 15-inch screen on the Apple …

The News: Friday, February 22 Edition


And then winter came back. The storm you’ve seen all over the news hit us starting at about 4am, and it’s an ugly one. It’s skating right on the edge of cold enough to snow and warm enough for freezing rain, and the roads are awfully special. My physical therapist …

Nikon Introduces D7100 24MP DSLR


Nikon announced the D7100 earlier today, the replacement for the widely successful D7000. The D7100 receives a significant upgrade in resolution (up to 24MP from 16MP), a substantially upgraded AF module, full weather resistance and dust sealing, and a magnesium alloy body, along with upgraded video and wireless capabilities.

Photographers …

The News: Thursday, February 21 Edition


Tonight I get to start putting the pool ball chandelier together, and I cannot wait! Yesterday I got all of the bead chains for each ball finished, and made sure I have all the supplies I need for everything else. This thing is gonna be so cool I can hardly …

Sony Reveals the PlayStation 4 – Sort of


So, Sony officially revealed the PlayStation 4 without ever actually showing the console… which is fairly impressive. The system will run on an x86 processor, enhanced PC GPU, and 8GB of high-speed unified memory.

Pressing the PlayStation button will now freeze your gameplay wherever you are and the system will …

Cooler Master Announces NotePal A200 Laptop Cooling Stand


If you’re anything like me, and let’s hope that you’re not, you take your laptop from surface to surface with reckless abandon, never once paying attention to what’s going to clog your vents. I don’t want to sound like an infomercial, but laptop overheating really is an issue, which is …