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The LG Optimus G Pro Enters the Phablet Race


The phablet wars are getting heated, which is unfortunate for me, because I was hoping I would never have to write the word phablet ever again. LG has announced the Optimus G Pro, a new smartphone with a 5.5-inch display that sports a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The …

Samsung Galaxy S IV to Be Announced March 14th


Yes, I realized the absurdity in writing up an announcement of an announcement. I also realize that folks are chomping at the bit for some news, any news, of the newest phone in Samsung’s Galaxy S line. From one source to another to finally The Verge, it’s been confirmed …

The News: Monday, February 18 Edition


Here’s a thing I just spent about 15 minutes fixing…the top of my laptop has started getting wobbly when it’s open, as if there was a screw loose somewhere. Except as we know they aren’t like door hinges, where you can see screws and fix them. When I closed it …

The News: Sunday, February 17 Edition


Happy Sunday! Me, I’m off to work. We have a matinee hockey game today, but it’s also season ticket holder appreciation day so we’ve all got to be there several hours earlier than normal to get things ready for the fans. This year they’re not having tours of all the …

The News: Late Night Saturday Edition


It just so happens that there’s enough in the inbox I’m getting a trifle behind, at the same time I needed a break from what I was doing. So…at 2:30am post (or at least that’s what time it is at my house, yours may vary). Today was one of the …

The News: Saturday, February 16 Edition


You’ve heard the saying, “One step forward, two steps back”, no? This is my life. I’ve only got one, maybe two weeks of physical therapy left before they send me on my merry way to finish getting myself prepped for work again on my own, so we’ve been going a …

MEGATech Showcase: It’s Time For More Flash Drives


It seems like ages since we’ve had a flash drive post, but I guess it really hasn’t been all that long. The collection this time around is a little heavily populated by one site over all the others, but that’s how the cookie crumbles sometimes. Those other folks will just …

Is Apple About to Re-Invent the Watch


According to numerous sources, Apple is rumoured to be developing a wearable wrist computer, dubbed the iWatch by industry insiders. Apple has reportedly assembled a team over one hundred strong that according to Bloomberg, “may perform some of the tasks now handled by the iPhone and iPad.”

With a …