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The News: Friday, April 26 Edition


It’s weird how dates stick in my head sometimes, and other times I can’t remember when something is to save my life. Today, for instance, is the birthday of an ex. When I woke up, I thought I should send him a text, because it’s not that we broke up …

The News: Thursday, April 25 Edition


Today I have run out of creativity. Also, I woke up in a decidedly unpleasant mood, so probably I should just keep to myself instead of subjecting the world to anything I might have to say. At least anything of consequence, anyway. It’s a good day for a huge pot …

Applications Being Accepted for One-Way Ticket to Mars

Volker Maiwald, executive officer and habitat engineer of Crew 125 EuroMoonMars B mission, walks among the rock formations in the Utah desert

Do you want to go to Mars? Of course you do. Assuming it was relatively safe, who wouldn’t jump at the chance to visit the Red Planet? Are you willing to spend the rest of your life there, never seeing your friends, family, or home planet again? Yeah, that’s a …

The News: Wednesday, April 24 Edition


First official date last night…according to him, it’s not a date unless he picks me up and also pays, so the several times we’ve seen each other did not count. I guess regular people (read: those not in the entertainment industry) lead pretty boring lives, no? Dinner, a movie, one …

FreedomPop Overdrive Pro Offers Nationwide Sprint 3G/4G Coverage


I’ve been using the FreedomPop service for about six months now and it’s been pretty great to have free wireless Internet with me when I go traveling through the United States. The trouble is that coverage hasn’t exactly been the best, especially outside of major metropolitan areas. But now, at …

MEGATech Videos: The 2013 Vancouver Fan Expo


Fan Expo has its origins back east, but with Fan Expo 2012 last year, the massive geek fest made its official debut here in Vancouver. The 2013 Vancouver Fan Expo is even bigger and badder, filling the halls of the Vancouver Convention Centre with all sorts of crazy goodness from …