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GIGABYTE Expands DIY All-In-One PCs with Thin Mini-ITX Motherboards


The AIO platform design is much more akin to laptops than the desktop PC due to its small size, restrictive form factor, and minimal aftermarket upgrade options. GIGABYTE’s new Thin Mini-ITX H77TN and B75TN looks to expand the All-In-One PC design with custom build options.

The Mini_ITX H77TN and B75TN …

The News: Monday, February 25 Edition


Happy Monday! Yeah, I know…most of you don’t think so. But here’s how it is at my house right now: The sun is shining, it’s actually NOT snowing, the temperature is above freezing, my bills are paid, my laundry is done, my house is relatively clean, and I just booked …

How to Save Money on Your Next Laptop Purchase


Let’s be honest. We all want the newest, shiniest and most powerful gadgets that the technology industry has to offer us, but that’s not necessarily compatible with our budgets. Even if you have the “extra” money to spend, it usually pays to shop around and see how you can get …

The News: Sunday, February 24 Edition


Hm. It seems my weekend went horribly awry, but since things are actually going how they’re supposed to rather than how I’ve been winning I can’t exactly complain about it. But last night and this afternoon mark the first two hockey games I have not been called to work since …

MEGATech Showcase: LEGO Madness


It’s not like I didn’t know there was a bunch of LEGO products, projects, and related merchandise out there. It’s that I didn’t realize how often it comes up until I started really paying attention. I’ve had to pare down several of the items I had saved to feature because …

The News: Saturday, February 23 Edition


I’m free!! Yesterday when I got done with my physical therapy appointment, they told me I don’t have to come back. Of course, they sent me on my merry way with a sheaf of paper containing exercises I need to work on at home, and three different levels of stretchy …

NZXT Launches Its Next-Generation 200 mm Enthusiast Fans

NZXT_ FZ-200_Fan_1

The two main enemies of all PCs are heat and dust. I know from personal experience not addressing either can lead to fiery results. A simple cleaning every month or so can handle the dust issue, but reducing heat is more complicated. NZXT looks to simplify this with their new …

The News: GTX TITAN Edition


Well, would you look at that! Seems there’s been a new video card released into the wild, and just about everybody has gotten their hands on it. One of my favourite things is the second the NDA expires, because my inbox goes absolutely crazy. It also means an easy affiliate …

Biologist Create “Zombie” Cells Stronger than Normal Cells


The zombie menace might be finally be among us – and it might not be a menace at all. A team of researchers at Sandia National Laboratories and the University of New Mexico have created near-perfect replica “zombie” cells by coating mammalian cells in silica. The replica cells can withstand …