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The News: Friday, March 1 Edition


Well, here’s a dilemma. I posted a bit ago about how the back corner of my laptop was separating, but that I was able to get very close to fixing it by tightening a couple of screws. Ever since then, it has been getting STUPID hot. I use it actually …

Tokyo Court Rules Against Samsung Seeking iPhone Injunction


The saga of Apple vs. Samsung continues as a Tokyo court ruled in Apple’s favor over a patent lawsuit that Samsung filed in April of 2011. Samsung’s claim that Apple misused 3G patent in the various version of the iPhone was shot down, leaving the South Korean company at a …

Corning: Flexible Willow Glass Displays Three Years Out


Corning announced some time ago that they’re working on a flexible glass that can be used for mobile device displays, and ever since then the Internet has been excited about the possibilities. There was even a suggestion of a tablet that could be rolled up like a magazine. Yes please.…

The Real Story Behind Apple Innovation (Video)


Apple used to be the company that played second fiddle to just about everyone else, but in the last few years, the Cupertino-based company has quickly ascended the ranks to become the industry leader. Surely, this is because Apple has been so creative and so innovative with its newest products, …

UK Apple Judge Joins Samsung Legal Team


He’s doesn’t have the celebrity of Judge Judy or Judge Joe Brown, but Sir Robin Jacob, the UK judge who famously made Apple apologize to Samsung has joined Samsung’s legal team. He rose to notoriety when he ordered Apple to issue the public apology and pay Samsung’s legal fees.

Florian …

The News: Thursday, February 28 Edition


I meant to post earlier, but I forgot I had a meeting this morning. Sorry about that! Tonight I get to see my sister, which means we get to assemble phase two of the pool ball chandelier and glue together the mirrors for phase three, which will happen next week …

Full E-Ink Display Smartphone on Display at MWC 2013


The world of smartphones is currently occupied by the likes of Super AMOLED, Super LCD, and other similar technologies. These aim to provide you with amazing colors and high resolutions. However, over at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, there’s a different kind of smartphone that’s going about things in an …

MEGATech Showcase: Flash Drives Make Another Appearance


It seems it’s that time again! I was going through my folders of saved items trying desperately to free up some space on my hard drive, and it occurred to me that the flash drive folder is pretty full again. So here we are, with the latest installment of my …