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The News: Friday, July 12 Edition


My house is empty! It wasn’t until I woke up that I realized how very long it’s been since I was in a place with no other people, and I’m really enjoying it. Later this afternoon a good friend is picking me up so I can do a bunch of …

Microsoft Cutting Prices on Surface RT Tablets


In an effort to boost slow sales, Microsoft is supposedly planning to lower the prices of its Surface RT tablets and the price cut could happen as early as next week. Each model is getting slashed by $150.

Microsoft has been moving units with its education program and they’ve also …

MEGATech Reviews – UnoTelly UnoDNS Global DNS Service


When Netflix finally made its way to Canada, you could hear the collective cheers of Canadians from coast to coast. When these Canadians found out that the video library of Netflix Canada wouldn’t be the same as the one as the one offered in the United States, we could also …

The News: Thursday, July 11 Edition


Yesterday was a very special day. First day home from vacation, so of course I had to go through the stack of mail, try to unpack (I only marginally succeeded), and sort of get my ducks in a row. Of course, I was not really helped in that endeavor. It …

Google Glass App Adds Tesla Model S Functionality


This is the sci-fi movie future that I’ve been waiting for, the one where every electronic that you own works in tandem, like an ethereal robot butler. Google Glass owners who also happen to drive Tesla Model S cars will be able to use the Glass headset to control certain …

The News: Wednesday, July 10 Edition


Through the miracle of modern technology, I am writing and scheduling this affiliate news post whilst traveling high above the clouds between Salt Lake City and Detroit on Tuesday afternoon. Occasionally I look around me at the things we take for granted and I remember things…things like my grandma’s party …

Amazon and Apple Drop App Store Feud


So this is a refreshing bit of news. Apple and Amazon have been battling it out in a lawsuit over who can legally use the name “app store” to sell mobile applications. So instead of a lengthy, ugly battle that in the end won’t make a bit of difference to …

Plants vs. Zombies 2 Delayed Due to Server Issues


Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time, which was announced last summer for a spring 2013 release window, then a July 18 release, has been delayed so that PopCap can continue testing the title. That testing will include a soft launch in Australia and New Zealand.

A soft launch …