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The News: Wednesday, August 14 Edition


Well, last night was a bust. See, this is what happens when you try to be devious…someone always screws it up for you. Apparently, at least according to our bartender, he’s on some huge outdoor job so he’s been having to get up at dark-thirty. Which means even on nights …

Facebook Testing Celebrity-Only App


Here’s some good news for those who think there’s not already a big enough divide between the celebrity world and the normal one. Facebook is looking to create a celebrities-only app that will make it easier to respond to digital fan mail. It’s currently being testing by a few high-profile …

The News: Tuesday, August 13 Edition


Being that I have an unusual second day off in a row, with another one coming tomorrow, I’m going to be a little bit wild and go out again. Mondays are usually my night out, and I did go, but tonight my purpose is twofold. Not only do I get …

Electric Buses Take Wireless Charging To a Whole New Level


Electric cars are becoming slightly more commonplace (moreso depending on where you live), but one of the biggest disadvantages to them that I’ve seen thus far isn’t even their price tag, but the fact that you can’t get very far without needing to charge them. Depending on where you’re going …

Smart Trash Can Track Smartphones… But Why?


Usually, I’m not one to go in for the Big Brother conspiracy theories when it comes to things like security cameras in public areas that can track activity. Primarily because the only times I have ever been worried about such things are the times I’ve been somewhere I shouldn’t have …