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Microsoft Ending Support for Older Internet Explorer


Microsoft will be abandoning older versions of Internet Explorer, presumably in an effort to catch up with consumers, who have abandoned all versions of Internet Explorer already.

I kid.

Microsoft will be forcing Internet Explorer users who are running Windows 7 or Windows 8 to upgrade to the latest version …

Researchers Extract Sound from Audioless Video


When science and technology intersect, they produce results that, to the layman, are indistinguishable from magic. I say this as a layman who is easy to confuse and even easier to astound.  Researchers from MIT, Microsoft, and Adobe teamed up to develop a technique for extracting sound from silent videos. …

MEGATech Video Reviews: Orbit Concepts DELOOP Headphone Bag


Say what you will about Beats by Dre, but the company has done a wonderful job of convincing the public they need better headphones. There are far more people rocking out to the larger over-the-ear style headphones these days and this has created a new problem: how do you carry …

Notorious Tech Tipster @evleaks to “Retire”


This is a bit of a sad day for those of us who like to follow mobile news. If you keep up with news on a regular basis, you’re likely well aware that the most exciting news often comes in the form of leaks rather than official announcements. It’s always …

5.5-inch iPhone 6 Will Use More Powerful Chip Than 4.7-Inch


The upcoming iPhone 6 will come in two models–a 4.7-inch and a 5.5-inch–but recent rumors suggest that there will more differentiating them than just the screen sizes. In addition to the 5.5-inch model having a bigger screen, it will also be more powerful. How do I type out Tim Taylor’s …

The News: Sunday, August 3 Edition


My goodness, what a busy week it’s been! I’ve been at my niece’s house since Tuesday, hanging out watching horribly fabulous SyFy Channel movies (and if you missed Sharknado 2 or Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda, I’m really sorry). Also, Saturday was my first huge craft show. While I didn’t do much …