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Windows Phone Gets Dedicated Facebook Chat App


If you’re a Windows Phone user and you’ve been itching to try out some top-notch cat emoticons, you’re in for a treat. Making true on Mircrosoft’s promise, Facebook Messenger is now available as an app for Windows Phone. While chatting has always been possible, the dedicated app adds group chat, …

BroApp Takes the Hassle Out of Texting Your Girlfriend


If you’re not used to having a girlfriend, you might find some things to be a hassle. Take texting, for instance. If you’re not together, she’s probably going to want to talk to you, and your phone going off every couple of minutes is probably going to interfere with what …

Microsoft Releasing Windows 8.1 Update 1 in April


Those waiting for Windows 8.1 Update 1 are in luck as sources close to the Verge are reporting that the final version of the update is not only ready to go, but that Microsoft has already been distributing the update to partners and PC makers. The official consumer release is …

Roam Mobility Now Available at Best Buy and Future Shop


If you’re a Canadian traveling down through the United States, paying for roaming fees from your Canadian carrier can prove quite spendy and that’s why Roam Mobility can be such a useful option for your occasional trip down to the States. Even though it doesn’t have its own retail stores, …

The Bevometer Tracks Your Drinks So You Don’t Have To


Drinking and driving is something of a huge problem, regardless of how harsh the laws or how frequent the PSAs against it. One problem is what happens to me sometimes, where I’m enjoying myself at a party and honestly have no idea how many adult beverages I’ve consumed. Over the …

IFetch: While the Owner is Away, the Dog Can Play


Dogs are one of life’s definite pleasures. They are always happy to see you, they know when you’re upset and try to comfort you… they make themselves a part of the family, and you’re happy to have them. But you have to go to work, and your dog is home …

The News: Sunday, March 2 Edition


It’s still winter, just in case you didn’t notice. We actually warmed up for a couple of days, but then the deep freeze came back and there appears to be no end in sight. The healing appears to be progressing nicely, though, so that’s good. When I’m indoors I mostly …