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Sonos Adds SoundCloud to Music Services


If you have a Sonos system, you have access to a wide selection of music streaming services. Unfortunately, the truth is that many of those services offer experiences too similar to really set them apart, so having access to so many really isn’t that much of a benefit. How …

Geek Trivia Makes Clean Living Easy


One of the best ways to prevent disease is to wash your hands frequently, but you also need to do it correctly. I’m sure you’ve all heard the adage that you should sing “Happy Birthday” while you wash because it’s about the right length of time… but I’m betting most …

Torture Test Proves LG G3 Is Waterproof Too? (Video)


It seems like having a waterproof smartphone has become the name of the game these days. Even though the LG G3 doesn’t have any sort of official certification, a new video torture test has revealed that it can survive a dunk in the wet stuff just as well as its …

GE Developing Microwave that Counts Calories


As much as I hate it when people go on and on about the “obesity epidemic” in America, it’s undoubtedly a problem, one made rampant by the abundance of cheap, unhealthy food. Many overweight people have tried fad after fad and crashed and burned every time, but calorie-counting remains an …

Microsoft Office For Android Tablet to Enter Closed Beta


When I was a young lad, getting into betas was an exciting experience. Not only were you getting to try something for free, but you were doing so before most of the population and that exclusivity felt pretty cool. Now that I’m pushing thirty, I associate betas with things that …

Smart Cloud Puts a Thunderstorm in Your Living Room


As I sit here writing this post, a thunderstorm is slowly rolling through. I’ve been hearing the long, rolling thunder for about a half hour, and the wind just died down in preparation for the big blow. According to radar, the bulk of it will stay north and south of …

TSA – US-Bound Overseas Flyers Must Power on Gadgets and Devices


The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is a widely contested subject for those flying into and around the United States. Some see the security precautions as unnecessary and invasive. Well, if you’re flying into the States from somewhere overseas, prepare yourself for additional measures.

This only pertains to those carrying mobile …