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Rumored iPad Pro to Use OS X/iOS Hybrid


Just as Microsoft is trying to combine all of their operating systems into one universal OS, Apple is looking to do the same, and it looks like next year could see the release of a 12.9-inch iPad Pro that runs an OS X/iOS hybrid OS.

As the name suggests, the …

One Handed Keyboard for iPhone 6 Plus Pushes to Either Side


The first reaction that most people have to the iPhone 6 Plus is that it’s huge. Having the bigger screen is great for surfing the web or watching videos, but it might not be so great for typing out text messages with one hand. Offering a straightforward solution to this …

Sponsored Post: Lexus Amazing in Motion – “STROBE”


Last year, Lexus took on the ambitious project known as ‘Amazing in Motion’, the brand philosophy that lives at the core of everything they do. They wanted their ethos of design and craftsmanship to come to life in ways that go beyond expectations. They wanted it to become performance art. …

The News: Sunday, October 5 Edition


If there was any previous doubt that I am back to work, it’s gone now. Today makes day nine of ten in a row before getting one single day off, then working again every day for the foreseeable future. So far I’m mostly holding my own, though, and have only …