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Leaked Picture Shows Possible App Store Ranking Farm


Apple has had a well-know problem with mobile developers using bot programs to autonomously download their apps, boosting their rankings in the App Store. Most apps fail, which shouldn't be surprising given how many apps show up on a daily basis never to be seen again. Apps live or die …

Wind Mobile Still Wants to Buy Mobilicity


This has the rumor that has been bouncing its way around the Internet pretty much since Wind Mobile and Mobilcity came into existence as potential contender's against Canada's big three telecom companies. The negotiations have been on-again, off-again a long while, not to mention the occasional rumor about acquisitions by …

New Nintendo 3DS XL Won't Come with a Charger


I love Nintendo. I don't own a Wii U and the Wii was definitely my least favorite console of its generation, but it's done little to diminish my love for the developer that I grew up with. I'm a shameless fanboy, ready to jump to their defense at a moment's …

Lenovo P70 is Available in China, Showing up in Europe


The Lenovo P70, which sounds like a gun that James Bond would carry, was launched yesterday in China and is already showing up in online stores in Europe, though at a higher cost than those in Lenovo's homeland of China will pay.

The P70 is a mid-range phone through and …

Nikon Releasing a Pair of Waterproof, Shockproof, and Freezeproof Cameras


With the increasingly advanced smartphone technology slowly eating away at the digital camera market, camera producers need to start pulling out all the stops to stay relevant. Nikon's solution is to make their cameras waterproof, shockproof, and freezeproof, giving them an edge over their generally fragile smartphone competition. Nikon Canada …

Get Ready for Laptops with 8K Displays


More pixels is always a good thing, right? That seems to be the philosophy for so many of our digital devices these days. We've got smartphones that have evolved from 720p HD to 1080p Full HD to 4K and UHD. We've got TVs in our living room that have done …

MEGATech Reviews - ZTE Grand X Plus (Fido)


When is good enough actually good enough? Considering that many of us upgrade our smartphones every couple of years, if not sooner, it almost feels wasteful to spend upwards of $800 on a device that practically becomes obsolete the moment we buy it. And in the case of smartphones, is …