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SimCity Gets Offline Mode One Year After Release


As a wee little gamer kid, I played a few incarnations of SimCity while I was growing up. When Maxis’s “reboot” was announced, I was thrilled to get into the beta and played it extensively. Then the retail game hit, I purchased it immediately, and then promptly couldn’t play it …

Microsoft Announces the Surface 2 with LTE for AT&T


It’s time for yet another announcement that will come as a surprise to no one thanks to a multitude of leaks already outing the product: Microsoft has officially announced the Surface 2 with LTE, which is being sold for a retail price of $679.

The Surface 2 LTE comes unlocked, …

MEGATech Reviews: Video Games Live: Level 3


The fact that I’m reviewing the third Video Games Live album is pretty crazy to me. I haven’t even made it to my thirties and yet I can remember a time when video game music was a niche among niches. Only the most dedicated fans would listen to videogame soundtracks, …

Foodie Dice: Random Meals Never Tasted So Good

foodie dice

One thing I actually enjoy is cooking. Sometimes it’s a challenge as I have to make meals that comply with my mother’s very restricted diet, but it’s led me to be very creative in the kitchen and to a Facebook page of recipes I have made (many of them created …

The News: Sunday, March 16 Edition


Another week goes by, and we meet again. One thing I enjoy is cheesy horror movies. Typically I go through any given movie streaming service’s list and anything that gets rated two stars or less makes my list. We’ve been watching some pretty special ones lately, though…sometimes we’ve won, sometimes …

Sony to Reveal Their Virtual Reality Headset at GDC


Virtual reality – and I mean the good stuff, the stuff that’s indistinguishable from real life – goes right alongside flying cars as something science fiction has been promising us for years but has yet to deliver. We’re getting closer, though. The Oculus Rift has been impressing people left and …