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Taxi Protest at SFO Causes Gridlock


I live in a small town and we don’t do public transportation well. We have a bus line, but the routes are limited. We have, I think, two small taxi companies, but they both consist of just a couple of vehicles with decals stuck to the sides. We don’t have …

Nokia Black Box Teases at “Something” for Tomorrow


When Nokia sold its mobile device business over to Microsoft, the Finnish company also agreed that it wouldn’t get back into the smartphone business until the end of 2016 and far longer for feature phones (assuming that feature phones will still exist a decade from now). Of course, there are …

MEGATech Reviews: Sony Xperia Z3 Compact


What’s the biggest problem (terrible pun intended) with just about all flagship smartphones these days? They’re all kind of huge. We don’t even need to discuss the phablet category with devices like the Nexus 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus to discover this issue, as even “mainstream” devices like the …

The News: Sunday, November 16 Edition


Last night the coolest thing happened! I got out early from my regular show, so I ended up going to work the AHL game… and it was LEGO night! You know me and LEGO, right? It was awesome! Best opening video we’ve ever done, bar none, best promotions, and excellent …

MEGATech Reviews: Nexus 6 Review Round Up


The Nexus 6 is not only here, but it is large and in charge. Google and Motorola’s phablet – which was once codenamed “Shamu” – is a whopping 5.96 inches. Understandably, that fact comes up in a lot of reviews, but where a lot of reviewers anticipated the phone being …

Samsung Gear S Hitting Canadian Shelves


Starting tomorrow, November 14th, Canadian consumers will be able to pick up Samsung’s all new Gear S wearable and enjoy that sweet 3G, Bluetooh, and wi-fi connectivity all from their wrist, whether or not they have their smartphone on them at the time.

The Samsung Gear S allows you to …

Roam Mobility Introduces Affordable Snowbird Roaming Plan


My MEGATech News brethren Stephen Fung and Michael Kwan travel from Canada to the US quite frequently (they just can’t get enough of our freedom), so it’s very important that they’re able to phone home without racking up an unaffordable cellphone bill. Luckily for them, Roam Mobility just announced what …