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ARCHOS Bring New 4G Line to CES 2015


The France-based ARCHOS might not be the most well-known name when it comes to smartphones and tablets, but they continue to chug along, producing affordable, mid-range products that pack a punch at a low price. They’ll be announcing a whole new range of 4G products at CES 2015, while showing …

LTE-Enabled Moto G 2nd Gen Spotted in Brazil


Motorola fans have reason to be excited. A 2nd Gen Moto G with LTE capabilities has been spotted in Brazil. Not like out in the wild skulking about, but rather on Motorola’s Brazilian website. It also has a bigger battery, which means more time for Trivia Crack. Or, you know, …

Energizer Hard Case Smartphones Coming to CES 2015


Everyone is familiar with the Energizer brand because of that sunglasses-wearing pink bunny, the one who keeps going and going and going, doomed to spend all eternity banging its drum in some sort of weird purgatory. The brand is best know for producing batteries, but there’s also the Energizer Hard …

VAIO Coming to CES Without Sony


Everyone has heard some variation of the phrase “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” but did you know that this applies to billion-dollar companies as well? That seems to be what’s happening with Japan Industrial Partners, who last year bought the VAIO brand when Sony decided to bow out …

Stirio Lends an Extra Hand in the Kitchen


As we’ve just come through the holiday season, I’m betting a fair majority of you spent a great deal of time in the kitchen. I know I did! One of the things that a lot of folks hate is the need to stir something while trying to get other things …