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Smart Tags Help You Avoid Unpleasant Food Surprises


One thing I’m usually pretty good at is keeping up with what is in my refrigerator. Our trash pickup is at dark-thirty Monday morning, so Sunday night typically finds me going through the various containers and either packaging for freezing or tossing the more questionable items. Sometimes there’s a surprise, …

The News: Sunday, March 23 Edition


Thankfully, this week is over. I came home from my niece’s house and promptly developed a horrendous head cold that is still hanging on. Thursday was my mom’s 78th birthday, and yesterday was my grand-nephew’s 7th birthday. The big exciting thing, though, was yesterday my PayPal Here card reader came …

The News: Saturday Roundup Edition


As it turns out, there was a product release this week, so I’ve decided that warrants an extra edition of The News. As I’m sure you remember, how this works is each site’s name will be followed by link(s) to its review(s). Today we’ll be concentrating on the Crucial M550 …

Samsung Gear 2 and Gear Fit Will Sell for $295 and $197


While tech news is all fine and dandy, there’s always a certain disappointment when learning about a cool new gadget and yet knowing nothing about when it’s coming or what it will cost. Fortunately, Samsung just announced the prices of the Gear 2 and Gear Fit smartwatches.

Both will be …

Tickle Your Way Out of Awkward Social Obligations


It sounds dirty, doesn’t it? But it’s really not, I promise. This is actually something that could come in very handy be it a social or business obligation you want to get out of, or any conversation you’re stuck having with someone you’d rather not spend time with. Remember back …

MEGATech Showcase: Creative LEGO Creations


Looks like it’s time for another installment in the weird, nifty, wonderfully creative things people make out of LEGO. None of these are kits you can buy, but a few of them do have DIY instructions. Mostly, though, they’re just neat. And you can certainly recreate some of them for …