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Google I/O: Taking Android Beyond Mobile


The Google I/O 2014 keynote has come and gone. Android was the big talking point and the theme seemed to be taking Android beyond mobile devices and into your television, your car, and your Chromebook. Some of the stuff announced feels a little bit like Google playing catch-up with other …

MEGATech Videos: Hands-On with Samsung Galaxy Tab S


Do you remember when the original Samsung Galaxy S smartphone launched four years ago? It came in a few different variations, but the one thing they had in common was that Super AMOLED display. That technology has finally made the migration over to the bigger screened world of tablets in …

Rumored 12-inch MacBook Air Coming in Fall


Apple isn’t leaving any stone unturned, apparently. Taiwanese publication Digitimes is reporting that in addition to their 11 and 13-inch MacBook Air laptops, Apple is about to start producing a 12-inch MacBook Air too. You know, for the extremely picky consumer that needs a middle ground between 11 and 13 …

Big Leak Gives Nexus 9 Specs, Pricing, and Release Window


There are leaks and then there are leaks, this one being the latter, italicized version. We’ve known that HTC is making the new Nexus tablet, which will be an 8.9-inch, high-end affair. We also know that it might be called Volantis or Flounder. Now we know a lot more …