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The last few years, CPUs--with the addition of on-die graphics and more processing cores--have increased their cooling requirements. This has led to aftermarket CPU coolers getting larger, heavier, and more efficient. Companies like NZXT also are offering all-in-one liquid cooling solutions such as the Kraken X40 and Kraken X60.

Both are your standard all-in-one liquid CPU cooling solutions. Both support current Intel and AMD processors, come with NZXT FX-140 PWM fans, and NZXT promises 36% more cooling surface area for the radiator. The X40 comes with a 120 mm radiator and the X60 comes with a 240 mm radiator for those with the room for it. Both only come with push fans, but do support additional pull fans for improved cooling.

The NZXT Kraken series features HUE which allows you to change the colors. There is also a dashboard control system for Windows to give you on-the-fly performance figures and control. These are not new to these kinds of coolers, but definitely welcome additions that all value to the Kraken.

We are left like the release of the NZXT Havok 140, their first CPU air cooler, since we have wait and see what kind of performance we get from the Kraken. Priced at MSRP of $99 for the Kraken X4 and $139 for the Kraken X60 as well as a 2 year warranty for both, it is clear the company believes in their potential. If the Kraken series is anything like the Havok 140, then we all maybe in for a pleasant surprise.

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Release the Kraken!

NZXT Brings You the Worlds First All-In-One 140 mm / 280 mm Liquid Cooler

30th October, 2012 High performance liquid cooling has finally arrived in an easy to use, all-in-one package. NZXT releases the Kraken, the first premium all-in-one water cooler series for PC enthusiasts and gamers alike. The Kraken X40 and Kraken X60 are high-end, all-in-one 140 mm and 280 mm liquid-cooling solutions where ease of use meets unmatched performance.

Applying its forward-thinking design philosophy to the water-cooling market, NZXT raises the bar with a user-friendly solution that brings unrivaled liquid-cooling performance to your fingertips. With 36% more surface area than standard 120 mm/240 mm radiators and fully interactive fan control, NZXTs Kraken series is nothing short of a water-cooling behemoth.

NZXT brings its innovative HUE controlled lighting system to the Kraken, setting a new standard for design and performance. Featuring premium black sleeved cables and extended 16-inch tubing for large tower support, the Kraken brings high performance cooling with an uncompromised look that any enthusiast will be dying to show off.

At its core, the Kraken features a state-of-the-art pump attached to an all copper base that is compatible with all of the current offerings from Intel and AMD. Included with the 140 mm Kraken X40 is one NZXT FX-140 PWM fan, with the ability to install an additional 140 mm fan for a push-pull configuration, offering unmatched cooling performance.

The 280 mm Kraken X60 features two NZXT FX-140 PWM fans, with the ability to install an additional two fans for a push-pull configuration as well. Additionally, the Kraken X60 utilizes a SATA power connector for easy installation and effortless cable management.

Both Krakens are aggressively priced at $99 and $139 for the X40 and X60, respectively, and backed by a 2 year warranty. With the Kraken, NZXT set out to unleash the best closed loop water cooler on the market, and believes its customers should not settle for anything less.





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