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Nvidia GTX 590

Well it is the day after the launch of AMD's HD 6990 Space Heater. As expected, Nvidia has suddenly come up with a release date of their climate control unit, the GTX 590. The possible future king of single card graphics horsepower, price, heat dissipation, and power consumption will be released on March 22nd.

While Nvidia has not been taming their power hungry cards recently, I am optimistic about the release of Nvidia's new titan. The AMD HD 6990 has shown that relatively reasonable power consumption is possible for the top of the heap cards as its actual numbers came in well below my expectations. I also would like to see if Nvidia is going with the physical switch method of curving the power draw of the GTX590 like AMD did with the HD 6990.

We can all look forward to another shootout at the GPU Corral. The Nvidia GTX 590 will be wielding two GF110s, 1536 MB per chip of DDR5, and an nForce 200 PCI-E bridge to keep its holsters in place. It has already been shown that two GTX 580's can beat the AMD behemoth in many tests, but we have yet to see AMD's monthly driver update. It is almost a guarantee that AMD will find a way to patch a few weak spots and optimize their HD 6990 to provide better numbers than what current reviews show. But will it be enough of an improvement to close the current gap?

The Nvidia GTX 590 is also expected to have Nvidia's answer to ATI Eyefinity, the 3DVision Surround. This new technology is expected to be comparable to Eyefinity and may get beyond the 3 monitor limitation.

I am always up for a good fight and these two challengers always put on the best show. To all of you enthusiasts and computer gamers who demand the most powerful GPU's possible, get your pay-per-view tickets ready.

Source: TechPowerUp!

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