NVIDIA Confirms the Tegra Note Design

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NVIDIA Confirms the Tegra Note Design   nvidia logo 500x312

NVIDIA has finally confirmed that they’re working on a new tablet design, something the Internet has known for weeks now. The new design is being referred to as the Tegra Note and NVIDIA is looking to make a dent in the affordable tablet market.

The Tegra Note design features a 7-inch, 1280×800 display, a quad-core 1.8GHz Tegra 4 chipset, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of built-in storage, and a microSD card slot for addition storage. It also uses the new DirectStylus tech and of course Android as an operating system. All of this for a suggested retail price of $199.

Of course, the Tegra Note is just a reference design and not an actual product. Various OEMs and partners will be using the design to produce affordable tablets, but unlike the recent SHIELD handheld gaming console, NVIDIA won’t be manufacturing anything themselves. Since there’s no tablet, there’s no release date, but expect NVIDIA-inspired tablets at some point in the near future.

via Tech Crunch


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