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At a recent press event in Abu Dhabi, Nokia revealed that theyíre stepping up their game; not only are they aiming for bigger smartphones, but theyíre also entering the tablet market.

Nokiaís tablet will be a 10-inch model called the Lumia 2520 and will run Windows RT 8.1, a variation of Windows 8 that utilizes the tile-based touchscreen. It will carry a 2.2GHz Quad Core processor, a 6.7 megapixel back-facing camera, and offer 4G LTE. It will retail for $499.

On the smartphone side of things, Nokia is releasing the Lumia 1520 and the 1320, both with Windows Phone 9 and both a whopping six inches in size. Like other Nokia products, the company is still pushing the impressive cameras as the main selling point. The 1520 will pack a 20 megapixel. The 1320 will only feature a 5 megapixel camera, as itís intended to be the more affordable phone. They will cost $749 and $399, respectively.

My philosophy on smartphone size has always been that as long as it fits in my pocket, bigger is better. And thereís no shortage of tablets out there, but Iím always curious to see what a new contender can bring to the table.

via CNN